Emblem of the United Arab Emirates

The emblem of the United Arab Emirates[1] (Arabic: شعار الإمارات العربية المتحدة‎) was officially adopted on 9 December 1973 and later modified in 2008. It is similar to the coats of arms and emblems of other Arab states.

Emblem of the United Arab Emirates
Emblem of the United Arab Emirates.svg
ArmigerPresident of the United Arab Emirates
Adopted1973 (updated In 2008)
BlazonUnited Arab Emirates flag and The Seven Stars of Federation of the United Arab Emirates
SupportersThe Arab Falcon inverted and displayed
MottoArabic: شعار الإمارات العربية المتحدة
(United Arab Emirates)
Earlier version(s)Emblem of the United Arab Emirates (1973–2008).svg

It consists of a golden falcon (Hawk of Quraish) with a disk in the middle, which shows the UAE flag and seven stars representing the seven Emirates of the federation. The falcon has 7 feathers also representing the 7 Emirates. The falcon holds with its talons a red parchment bearing the name of the federation in Kufic script.[2]

Prior to March 22, 2008, when the emblem was modified, the falcon had a red disk, which showed an Arab sailboat in its interior, surrounded by a chain.

The banner of arms, which serves as the national flag.

Subnational emblemsEdit

The United Arab Emirates if a federation of seven emirates, each of which has its own emblem.


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