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The Embassy of Iran in London is the diplomatic mission of Iran in the United Kingdom.[1] It is located in a terrace overlooking Hyde Park in South Kensington, Westminster, London, next to the embassy of Ethiopia.[1] Iran also maintains a Consular Section at 50 Kensington Court, South Kensington.[1] The embassy building, along with the Ethiopian Embassy and the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum, is one of a group of Grade II listed stucco buildings.[2]

Embassy of Iran in London
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, London (2016) 09.JPG
LocationSouth Kensington, London
Address16 Prince's Gate, London, SW7 1PT
Coordinates51°30′06″N 0°10′20″W / 51.50153°N 0.17231°W / 51.50153; -0.17231Coordinates: 51°30′06″N 0°10′20″W / 51.50153°N 0.17231°W / 51.50153; -0.17231
AmbassadorHamid Baeidinejad

The embassy was the location of the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in which members of the Iranian-Arab nationalist group the Democratic Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Arabistan seized the building for several days before being overrun by the SAS.[3] The embassy was severely damaged during the siege and did not re-open until 1993.[3] According to Dr Mir Ali Montazam, one-time first secretary at the embassy, the sale of artwork from the building played a key part in funding the Provisional IRA during the Troubles.[4]

Following the 2011 attack on the British Embassy in Iran the British government expelled all Iranian embassy staff and closed the embassy in protest, alleging government support for the attack.[5] Between 2011 and 2014, Iranian interests in the UK were represented by the Omani Embassy.[6] Anglo-Iranian relations have improved since the election of President Hassan Rouhani and the countries made plans to re-open the embassy.[7]

On February 20, 2014 the Embassy was restored and the two countries agreed to restart diplomatic relations.[8]



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