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Elvis Sinosic (born 13 February 1971 in Canberra, Australia) is a retired Australian professional mixed martial artist. While he is perhaps best known for his seven-fight stint in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he has also competed in the Cage Rage Championships, K-1, and Pancrase. He has fought all over the world including Tokyo, London, Montreal, and Las Vegas. He fought for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship at UFC 32.

Elvis Sinosic
Elvis king of rock n rumble.jpg
Born (1971-02-13) 13 February 1971 (age 48)
Canberra, Australia
Other namesThe King of Rock n' Rumble
ResidenceSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Height6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Weight205 lb (93 kg; 14.6 st)
Reach77.5 in (197 cm)
Fighting out ofSydney, New South Wales, Australia
TeamKings Academy of Martial Arts
Rank4th Degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Carlos Machado
1st degree black belt in Taekwondo
Yellow rope in Capoeira
Orange belt in Judo
Brown belt in Silat
Full instructor in Eskrima
Full instructor in Muay Thai
Years active1997-2007, 2010
Mixed martial arts record
By knockout4
By submission4
By knockout7
By decision4
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog


Sinosic was born in Canberra, Australia to Croatian immigrant parents, and now resides in Sydney, Australia. He currently runs Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts SPMA[1] with business and training partner Anthony Perosh. Having trained in various arts for over 20 years which takes back to his early twenties, the "King of Rock N Rumble" has been exposed to a myriad of art forms including: Freestyle Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, Jeet kune do, Filipino martial arts, Silat, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Kickboxing, Judo, JB Will Shootfighting, Pankration, Jujutsu and Machado BJJ.[2]

The "King of Rock N Rumble" has been competing on a national level since 1995 and has competed in such prestigious events as the Abu Dhabi World Submission Championships, the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the K-1 Grand Prix as their highlighted superfight as well as Pancrase, RINGS, Warriors Realm, Fighter Extreme, Universal Combat Challenge (UCC) (now called TKO Major League MMA (TKO)), Cage Rage, Australian Vale Tudo Open and Caged Combat.

Mixed martial arts careerEdit

Sinosic is a pioneer of Australian Mixed martial arts (MMA). He fought on the first ever Australian MMA show - Caged Combat. He won the first ever Australia MMA Title - Australian Vale Tudo Heavyweight Champion. He was the first Australian to fight for a World Title (Universal Combat Challenge 1 vs Dave Beneteau). He was the first Australian to fight in an MMA match in K-1 (K-1 World Grand Prix 2000 vs Frank Shamrock). He was the first Australian to fight in the UFC (UFC 30 vs Jeremy Horn). He was the first and only Australian to fight for a UFC World Championship (UFC 32 vs. Tito Ortiz) (Mark Hunt was the second closest only fighting for an interim UFC Championship, until Robert Whittaker became the first UFC Middleweight Champion) . Sinosic was the first Australian to commentate on a UFC PPV (UFC 33). Sinosic is also a pioneer in the grappling scene being the first Australian to compete in the ADCC World Submission Wrestling Championships when he competed in the inaugural event in 1998.

UFC careerEdit

Sinosic is a UFC veteran holding a record of 1 win and 6 losses within the UFC, contributing to the 8 wins—12 losses—2 draws in his mixed martial arts career. He debuted in 1997 defeating Matt Rocca in Australia. In the year 2000, after an unexpected performance against Frank Shamrock, he made his UFC debut defeating Jeremy Horn by armbar at UFC 30. Sinosic was then offered a match with Tito Ortiz, the then UFC Light Heavyweight Champion at UFC 32 but was defeated in the first round via Technical knockout(TKO).

He has since fought several times in the UFC, with matches against Evan Tanner, Renato Sobral, Forrest Griffin, and Alessio Sakara at UFC 57. Since then he has defeated Shamoji Fuiji and Mark Epstein both by armbar.

Sinosic's last fight in the UFC was a loss to Michael Bisping due to TKO (strikes) at UFC 70. On 21 April 2007, Bisping scored a TKO win over Sinosic at UFC 70 in Manchester, England.[3] Sinosic came out fighting, and Bisping eagerly obliged, firing back before throwing the Australian to the canvas.[4] Bisping then launched into a vicious ground and pound attack, opening up a cut on Sinosic's forehead.[5] In the second round Bisping was knocked down from a knee.[6] Then Sinosic almost secured a kimura.[4] Before Bisping reversed and pounded away until referee Steve Mazzagatti stopped the bout at 1:40 of the second round.[4]

Sinosic was scheduled to return to the octagon in 2010 for a rematch against Chris Haseman at UFC 110, the first UFC event to be held in Australia.[7] However, just days before the fight, Sinosic was forced to withdraw with a shoulder injury.[8]

Post UFCEdit

Sinosic's last fight was a KO loss to Paul Cahoon at Cage Rage 24 on 1 December 2007.[9]

Other mediaEdit

Sinosic's fight with Forrest Griffin appeared in the 2007 film Next starring Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel.[10] Elvis has trained notable social activist and former N.S.W Greens candidate Michael Bray; who has spent time pursuing reform in wealth distribution and marriage equality.[11] Elvis appears on UFC Fight Week in Australia as an Analyst. The show occasionally holds a segment known as "MMA 101" in which Elvis shows a short visual demonstration on a particular technique.

Sinosic claimed to be the first person to perform a Gogoplata in MMA competition,[12] although his opponent did not submit.

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

Mixed martial arts recordEdit

Professional record breakdown
21 matches 8 wins 11 losses
By knockout 4 7
By submission 4 0
By decision 0 4
Draws 2
Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Loss 8–11–2 Paul Cahoon KO (punches) Cage Rage 24 1 December 2007 1 0:21 London, United Kingdom
Loss 8–10–2 Michael Bisping TKO (punches) UFC 70 21 April 2007 2 1:40 Manchester, United Kingdom Fight of the Night.
Win 8–9–2 Mark Epstein Submission (armbar) Cage Rage 19 9 December 2006 1 2:37 London, United Kingdom
Win 7–9–2 Shamoji Fuji Submission (armbar) Xplosion 30 September 2006 1 2:40 Sydney, Australia
Loss 6–9–2 Alessio Sakara Decision (unanimous) UFC 57: Liddell vs. Couture 3 4 February 2006 3 5:00 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss 6–8–2 Forrest Griffin KO (punches) UFC 55: Fury 7 October 2005 1 3:22 Uncasville, Connecticut, United States
Draw 6–7–2 Daijiro Matsui Draw Pancrase: Spiral 5 10 July 2005 2 5:00 Yokohama, Japan
Win 6–7–1 Roberto Traven KO (punch) WR 1 – Warriors Realm 1 3 September 2004 2 Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Loss 5–7–1 Sanae Kikuta Decision (unanimous) Pancrase - 10th Anniversary Show 31 August 2003 3 5:00 Tokyo, Japan
Win 5–6–1 August Wallen Submission (armbar) FE 3 – Fighter Extreme 3 2 May 2003 1 5:36 Stockholm, Sweden
Loss 4–6–1 Renato Sobral Decision (unanimous) UFC 38 13 July 2002 3 5:00 London, United Kingdom
Loss 4–5–1 Evan Tanner TKO (doctor stoppage) UFC 36 22 March 2002 1 2:06 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Loss 4–4–1 Tito Ortiz TKO (punches and elbows) UFC 32 29 June 2001 1 3:32 East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States For UFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Win 4–3–1 Jeremy Horn Submission (triangle armbar) UFC 30 23 February 2001 1 2:59 Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
Loss 3–3–1 Frank Shamrock Decision K-1 Grand Prix 2000 Final 12 December 2000 5 3:00 Tokyo, Japan
Draw 3–2–1 Dave Beneteau Draw UCC 1 – The New Beginning 2 June 2000 2 10:00 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Loss 3–2 Al Reynish TKO (retirement) Rings Australia: NR2 13 September 1998 1 7:52 Australia
Win 3–1 Daniel Bond TKO AVT – Australia Vale Tudo 16 November 1997 1 Australia
Win 2–1 Kevin McConachie TKO AVT – Australia Vale Tudo 16 November 1997 1 Australia
Loss 1–1 Chris Haseman TKO (chin to the eye) Caged Combat 1 – Australian Ultimate Fighting 22 March 1997 1 2:47 Sydney, Australia
Win 1–0 Matt Rocca TKO (submission to strikes) Caged Combat 1 – Australian Ultimate Fighting 22 March 1997 1 0:41 Sydney, Australia

Kings Academy MMAEdit

Sinosic runs Kings Academy, a martial arts school located in Sydney, Australia teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and hot yoga. Kings Academy was established in 2017.

Prior to being known as Kings Academy, from 2002 till 2017 Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh both held the title of "Chief Instructor" together at SPMA (Sinosic/Perosh Martial Arts) which was located in two different locations in Sydney. Both Instructors decided to open their Individual Gyms after they agreed that one instructor should be at one location to pay closer attention to their students.


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