Ellsworth Community College

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Ellsworth Community College is a community college in Iowa Falls, Iowa. It was founded as Ellsworth College in 1890 by Eugene S. Ellsworth. Originally a private business academy, it later became a four-year college, a music conservatory, and a public junior college before being absorbed into the Iowa Valley Community College District.


Ellsworth Community College offers three distinct degree programs. Arts and Science Degrees are two-year degrees geared toward students who wish to enter the professional workforce but do not plan to earn a degree from a four-year college. Some of the credits earned under this degree program can be transferred to a four-year university, however. Career/Technical Degrees & Diplomas provide hands-on training in a wide variety of vocational fields. The course of study lasts anywhere from nine months to two years. Associate in Arts Degrees are intended for students who plan to continue their education at a four-year college. The coursework for these degrees is identical to that offered during the freshman and sophomore years at the three state universities in Iowa; any student who transfers into one of those universities having earned an associate degree will be automatically granted junior (third-year) standing.


The Ellsworth Community College Panthers compete in seven intercollegiate sports as a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The Ellsworth football team has won two NJCAA national championships. The sports offered for men are football, basketball, wrestling, and baseball. The women's sports are volleyball, basketball and softball. The school competes in the competitive Iowa Community College Athletic Conference at the Division 1 and 2 level. The Panthers' mascot is named Pounce. The school also won an NJCAA national championship in basketball in 1971.

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