Elizabeth Bennett (actress)

Elizabeth Bennett is a British actress.

Elizabeth Bennett
Yorkshire, England

Bennett has appeared in several British TV series, including The Sandbaggers, The Bill, The Lakes, Diana, Chef!, Dangerfield, The Duchess of Duke Street, Bergerac (Series 2 Episode 9 (The Moonlight Girls) 1983), Down to Earth, The Last Detective and Heartbeat. She is best known for her long recurring role as Joyce Jowett in the long running ITV show Heartbeat. She also played "Enid Thompson" in the British situation comedy Home to Roost and played "Enid Tompkins" in the US remake of the show You Again?. She also appeared in Margaret (2009). She also appeared as the receptionist in the doctors' surgery in Mr. Bean.

She plays the small but important role of Miss Pennywinkle in the French language films Largo Winch and its sequel Largo Winch II, both based on the Belgian comic book series.

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