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Elisha Haydon Collier (1788–1856) of Boston invented a flintlock revolver around 1814. His weapon is one of the earliest true revolvers, in contrast to the earlier pepperboxes which were multi-barreled guns.[1] Collier's revolver was not self rotating but it was self-priming: a compartment automatically released gunpowder into the pan when the hammer was cocked.[2][3][4]

Elisha Collier
Born Elisha Haydon Collier
Boston, Massachusetts
Died January 23, 1856
Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation firearms designer

It was patented in 1818, produced from 1819 by John Evans & Son of London, and used in quantity by the British forces in India. Over 10,000 were made between 1819 and 1824. A single barrel allowed greater accuracy and a faster reload time while reducing unnecessary weight. However, its flintlock action was a serious drawback: flints were unreliable and had to be changed frequently, while inferior quality powder risked a misfire.[5]

Collier's flintlock revolvers

Samuel Colt saw weapons of this type while serving as a cabin boy aboard the brig Corvo in 1832.[6] Following his return from the Far East he was inspired to create his own caplock revolver: the Colt Paterson.[7]

In addition to handguns, Collier produced revolving shotguns and carbines in the 1820s.[8] Only 150 of these now rare guns were made.[9]

In the 1830s Collier invented a new boiler for steam ships.[10] He wrote a book on the subject, which was published in 1836.[11] In 1839 Collier designed a machine for mass-producing nails for the Globe Dock Factory, Rotherhithe, Surrey.[12]

Collier lived in England from 1818 until 1850, when he returned to Boston, Massachusetts. By this time Colt's cheaper mass-produced revolvers had supplanted his earlier, hand made designs.[13] Collier is listed as having lived at 88 Eliot Street in an 1850 census, where he died on January 23, 1856.[14]


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