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Elisa Trotta Gamus (cropped).jpg
Trotta and Mauricio Macri, President of Argentina

Elisa Alejandra Trotta Gamus is a Venezuelan lawyer, diplomat and human rights activist, named ambassador from Venezuela to Argentina by Juan Guaidó during the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, and recognized immediately by Argentine president Mauricio Macri.[1]

Trotta Gamus was born in Venezuela.[1] Her mother was communist.[1] Her father is Argentine lawyer Alberto Trotta, who was a political prisoner, went into exile in 1975, spent time in Venezuela, and had his family while there.[1] She obtained her law degree from the Central University of Venezuela, and two Master's degrees from Brandeis University in Boston,[2] where she was a Fulbright scholar.[3] She has been living in Argentina since 2011.[1]

Trotta Gamus specialized in human rights and international law.[3] She was director of institutional programs for the Buenos Aires Province Chamber of Deputies, working for governor María Eugenia Vidal.[1] She was also president of Alianza por Venezuela,[1] a network of exiled Venezuelans.[3]

She is a chavismo critic, saying that Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro created a "narcostate".[4] She is Jewish,[4] and was a diplomat to the Latin American Jewish Congress [5]


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