Elif (TV series)

Elif is a Turkish TV series that aired weekly on Kanal 7. It tells the story of a 6-year-old girl separated from her mother.[1]

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Created byGreen Yapım
StarringSelın Sezgın
Altuğ Seçkıner
İsabella Damla Güvenılır
Cemre Melıs Çınar
Hasan Ballıktaş
Zeynep Öğren
Emre Kıvılcım
Country of originTurkey
Original languageTurkish
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes361
Running time55 minutes
Production companiesGreen Yapım
(Turkish version)
(International version)
DistributorEccho Rights
Original networkKanal 7
Original release15 September 2014 (2014-09-15) –
3 June 2016 (2016-06-03)


Season 1Edit

Elif, a pretty and kind 6-year-old girl, is in danger of being sold to pay the gambling debts of her stepfather, Veysel Şimşek. Her mother Melek escapes, but finds out that she is very sick. She leaves Elif in the protection of her best friend, Ayşe Doğan, a maid in a wealthy family's household. Ayşe tries to get permission from the Emiroğlu family to raise Elif in the mansion. However, she is holding a well-hidden secret: Elif is the biological child of Kenan, the beloved eldest son of the wealthy family. Kenan is unaware that Elif is his child from a past love his family forced him to leave. He is now married to Arzu Karapınar. They have a daughter, Tuğçe Emiroğlu, who is a very spoiled girl known for her bad temper. Elif is forced to live at the luxurious estate, away from her beloved mother, and unaware of her proximity to her biological father.

Season 2Edit

Kenan's wife, Arzu, feels threatened. She and her father, Necdet Karapınar, conspire to hide a secret from Kenan about her daughter Tuğçe that she is not the his biological child, Arzu would do anything to keep her position in the family safe, creating danger for Elif. However, as crimes committed by Necdet and Arzu are exposed, Melek and Kenan reunite. Melek tries to ensure that Kenan and Elif will not be separated again.


  • Selin Sezgin as Melek Özer (Elif's mother)
  • İsabella Damla Güvenılır as Elif Emiroğlu (daughter of Melek and Kenan)
  • Volkan Çolpan as Kenan Emiroğlu (Elif's father, in love with Melek)
  • Cemre Melis Çınar as Arzu Karapınar (Tuğce's mother, Kenan's former wife, the series' villain)
  • Zeynep Öğren as Tuğçe Emiroğlu (Illegitimate daughter of Arzu and Serdar)
  • Hasan Ballıktaş as Veysel Şimşek (Melek's former husband, father of Zeynep and Murat)
  • Emre Kıvılcım as Selim Emiroğlu (Kenan's younger brother, Zeynep's husband)
  • Gülçin Tunçok as Zeynep Emiroğlu (Older daughter of Veysel, Selim's wife)
  • Esin Benim as Ipek Emiroğlu (Aliye's daughter, younger sister of Kenan and Selim)
  • Aysun Güven as Aliye Emiroğlu (Householder of Emiroğlu family, Elif's grandma)
  • Batuhan Soncul as Murat Şimşek (Younger son of Veysel)
  • Aysegul Yalçiner as Kiraz (Maid of Emiroğlu family)
  • Ozanay Alpkan as Ayşe Doğan (Maid of Emiroğlu family, Melek's close friend)
  • İlker Gürsoy as Melih Özer (Brother of Melek, and in love with Ipek)
  • Dilara Yüzer as Gonca Tunç (Maid of Arzu, later marries Necdet and Serdar)
  • Kıvılcım Kaya as Efruz Baba (Foster father of Melih)
  • Kerem Akdeniz as Sadik (Kiraz's husband, assistant of Emiroğlu family)
  • Pelin Çalışkanoğlu as Pelin (Ipek's friend, Zeynep's competitor for Selim)
  • Sinem Akman as Feraye (Friend of Ipek and Pelin)
  • Gürhan Gülbahar as Necdet Karapınar (Arzu's father, later marries Gonca, the main villain of the second season)
  • Hakan Bozyiğit as Serdar Acar (Tuğçe's biological father)
  • Umut Ölçer as Erkut Şahin (Veysel's friend, later becomes Necdet's assistant)
  • Beril Eda Yeşil as Feride Çetin (Melek's close friend, in love with Murat)
  • Derya Şen as Tülay Şimşek (Veysel's wife)
  • Deniz İrem Morkoç as İnci Gürbüz (Elif's close friend)
  • Tuğba Duygu Erman as Asuman Şahin (Older sister of İnci, Erkut's wife)
  • Abdullah Şekeroğlu as Cemal Gürbüz (Father of Asuman and İnci)
  • Asuman Kostak as Rabia (Cemal's elderly neighbour who looks after İnci)
  • Burak Kaya as Koray (Pelin's ex-lover)


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