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Eleazar ben Hanania (Hebrew: אלעזר בן חנניה‎; Ancient Greek: Ἐλεάζαρος υἱὸς Ἀνανία) was a Jewish leader during the Great Revolt of Judea. Eleazar was the son of the High Priest Hanania ben Nedebai and hence a political figure of the 1st century Judaea Province. Eleazar was the governor of the temple [1] at the outbreak of the rebellion in 66 CE and following the initial outbreak of the violence in Jerusalem convinced the priests of the Jewish Temple to stop service of sacrifice for the Emperor. The action, though largely symbolic, was one of the main milestones to bring a full-scale rebellion in Judea.


  1. ^ Josephus Flavius. Wars of the Jews. 2.409 . "a very bold youth, who was at the time the governor of the temple, persuaded those that officiated the divine service no gift or sacrifice of Caesar on this account;"