Elias Joseph Bickerman

Elias Bickerman (July 7, 1897 O.S. in Russia – August 31, 1981 in Jerusalem), also spelled as Bickermann or Bikerman, was a leading scholar of Greco-Roman history and the Hellenistic world.[1] His life can be considered as a sort of synthesis of some of the most important events of his century: he had to leave Russia after the Bolshevik revolution and the Russian civil war, a few years later in Germany he witnessed the raising of the Nazi power until he, being a Jew, had to flee to France, country he had to abandon soon, for obvious reasons. Since 1942 he lived in the U.S.[2] His research interests extended to Judaism and some aspects of Iranian history.[1][3] For most of his career, he was Professor of Ancient History at Columbia University, New York.[4]

Elias J Bickerman
BornJuly 1, 1897 O.S.
DiedAugust 31, 1981 (aged 84)
OccupationClassicist, Ancient Historian, Jewish Historian

Main worksEdit

  • The God of the Maccabees (Berlin, 1937; English translation, 1979)
  • Institutions des Séleucides (Paris, 1938)
  • From Ezra to the Last of the Maccabees (New York, 1962)
  • Studies in Jewish and Christian History (3 volumes, Leiden, 1976–1986)
  • Religion and Politics in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods (Como, 1985)
  • The Jews in the Greek Age (Cambridge, Mass., 1990)

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