Eleuterio Delgado y Martín (18 April 1852 – 13 April 1908) was a Spanish lawyer and politician, briefly Minister of Finance during the reign of Alfonso XIII.

Eleuterio Delgado
Eleuterio Delgado, by Manuel Compañy.
Minister of Finance
In office
30 Nov. 1906 – 4 Dec. 1906
Personal details
Born18 April 1852
Died13 April 1908

Biography Edit

Delgado was born on 18 April 1852 in Sangarcía,[1] province of Segovia. After studying Law in Madrid, he obtained the post of state attorney (Abogado del Estado) in León, Bilbao and Ávila.

He was elected as member of the Spanish Congress (Cortes) in the 1901 election for the district of Viveiro,[2] and re-elected there in the 1903 election;[3] Then in 1905 he was elected for Riaza,[4] and was elected for the third and last time for Viveiro in the 1907 election.[1]

He served as Minister of Finance from 30 November to 4 December 1906 in the Segismundo Moret cabinet.[5]

He died on 13 April 1908 in Madrid.[1]

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