Electronic Design (magazine)

Electronic Design magazine, founded in 1952, is an electronics and electrical engineering trade magazine and website.[1]

Electronic Design
Senior Content DirectorWilliam G. Wong[1]
Managing EditorRoger Engelke Jr.[1]
Senior EditorDavid Maliniak[1]
Senior Staff EditorJames Morra[1]
EditorAlix Paultre[1]
Former editors
Joe Desposito[citation needed]
David Bursky
Roger Allan
Lucinda Mattera
George Rostky
Howard Bierman
Trade magazine
FormatPaper magazine and online
Year foundedDecember 1952; 69 years ago (1952 -12)
CompanyEndeavor Business Media[2]
CountryUnited States
Based inHasbrouck Heights, New Jersey[3][4]


Hayden Publishing Company[5][6] began publishing the bi-weekly magazine Electronic Design in December 1952, and was later published by InformaUSA, Inc.[7]

In 1986, Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeverijen, purchased Hayden Publishing Inc.[8]

In June 1988, Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeverijen, purchased Electronic Design from McGraw-Hill.[9] In July 1989, Penton Media,[10] purchased Electronic Design, then in Hasbrouck, N.J., from Verenigde Nederlandse Uitgeverijen.[9]

In July 2007, Penton Media's OEM electronics publication, EE Product News, merged with Penton Media's "Electronic Design" magazine. EE Product News was founded in 1941, as a monthly publication.[11]

In September 2016, Informa, purchased Penton Media, including Electronic Design.[12]

In November 2019, Endeavor Business Media purchased Electronic Design from Informa.[13][14][15]


Sections include Technology Reports (products), Engineering Essentials (new standards), Engineering Features (events), and Embedded in Electronic Design (embedded hardware and software). Design Solutions are contributed by field engineers and Ideas For Design are ssubmitted by readers. Electronic Design also covers components. Techview presents news and products in the categories of Analog & Power, Digital, Electronic design automation, Communications, Test, and Wireless. The magazine covers emerging technologies and large-scale trends.[citation needed]

Six "big" issues are published per year. The Technology Forecast issue is published in January. In June, the Megatrends issue describes industry trends. The "Best" issue reviews the year's "best" designs, events and products. "Your Issue" covers topics from the annual reader survey results. "One Powerful Issue" covers Power and "Wireless Everywhere" covers Wireless.[citation needed]

Editorial staff include: Mark David, group editorial director; Joe Desposito, editor-in-chief; Richard Gawel, managing editor; Roger Engelke, issue editor; and John Arkontaky, assistant editor.[citation needed] Don Tuite covers analog and power; Dan Harris covers digital; Louis E. Frenzel covers communications, wireless and test; and William Wong covers embedded, systems and software.[citation needed]

Notable contributorsEdit

Bob Pease, was a legendary[16] engineer with National Semiconductor Corporation, who wrote a monthly column, Pease Porridge, about analog electronics, and answered letters.[17]


The publication is free, in print and digital (PDF), for qualified engineers and managers of the industry in North America.[18] It is also available online.[19]

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