Electoral division of Brennan

Brennan is an electoral division of the Legislative Assembly in Australia's Northern Territory. It was first created in 1990 as a replacement for the abolished seat of Ludmilla, and derives its name from Harold "Tiger" Brennan, a former member of the Legislative Council and Mayor of Darwin. Brennan includes both rural and urban areas, covering an area of 8 km² and encompassing the Palmerston suburbs of Bakewell, Gunn, Farrar, as well as part of Rosebery. There were 5,204 people enrolled in the electorate as of August 2016.

Northern TerritoryLegislative Assembly
NT Electorates 2016 - Brennan.png
Location of Brennan in the Darwin/Palmerston area
TerritoryNorthern Territory
MPTony Sievers
PartyLabor Party
NamesakeHarold Brennan
Electors5,204 (2016)
Area8 km2 (3.1 sq mi)

Palmerston has long been one of the heartlands of the Country Liberal Party. Indeed, until 2005, the Labor Party had never come close to winning a Palmerston-based seat in the history of the Assembly. However, Brennan is located in what had long been reckoned as a particularly conservative area even by Palmerston standards, and it was the CLP's safest seat after the 2001 election. Denis Burke, who served as Chief Minister of the Northern Territory from 1999 to 2001 and had just been reelected as Opposition Leader a few months before the election, was not expected to have any difficulty holding the seat in the foreseeable future. However, in a shock result that had not been predicted by any prominent commentator, much less either candidate, Brennan fell to the ALP candidate, James Burke, at the 2005 election—only the second time that a major-party leader in the Northern Territory had been toppled in his own electorate.

Burke's victory was short-lived, as Peter Chandler regained the seat for the CLP at the 2008 election. Chandler picked up a massive swing in 2012, seemingly reverting Brennan to its traditional status as a safe CLP seat. However, Chandler was swept out four years later by Labor's Tony Sievers amid the CLP's collapse in Palmerston.

Members for BrennanEdit

Member Party Term
  Max Ortmann Country Liberal 1990–1994
  Independent 1994–1994
  Denis Burke Country Liberal 1994–2005
  James Burke Labor 2005–2008
  Peter Chandler Country Liberal 2008–2016
  Tony Sievers Labor 2016–present

Election resultsEdit

2016 Northern Territory general election: Brennan[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Tony Sievers 1,939 48.0 +12.0
Country Liberal Peter Chandler 1,784 44.2 −19.8
1 Territory Dorothy Fox 314 7.8 +7.8
Total formal votes 4,037 97.1 −0.6
Informal votes 122 2.9 +0.6
Turnout 4,159 79.9 +4.8
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Tony Sievers 2,077 52.6 +16.6
Country Liberal Peter Chandler 1,869 47.4 −16.6
Labor gain from Country Liberal Swing +16.6


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