Electoral district of West Adelaide

West Adelaide was an electoral district of the House of Assembly in the Australian state of South Australia from 1862 to 1902.

West Adelaide
South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
StateSouth Australia
NamesakeWest Adelaide

The electoral district was created when the Electoral district of City of Adelaide was abolished in 1862 and West Adelaide and East Adelaide were created. The district of Adelaide was ultimately recreated in 1902 by the recombination of West and East Adelaide.

It was created by the Electoral Districts Act (No. 20) of the South Australian parliament in 1861 but it was not until the state election of 1862 election that candidates were first elected to represent West Adelaide.[1] The electorate at its creation included all of the City of Adelaide (South Adelaide, North Adelaide and the Adelaide parklands) west of the centres of King William Street, Poole street, John Street and O'Connell Street.

In 1872 the area of the electorate shrunk when the Electoral district of North Adelaide was created by excising those parts of East and West Adelaide south of the River Torrens.[2]


Member Party Term Member Party Term
  James Verco 1862–1865   Emanuel Solomon 1862–1865
  James Boucaut 1865–1868   Henry Fuller 1865–1870
  William Simms 1868–1870
  John Darling Sr. 1870–1871   P. B. Coglin 1870–1871
  W. K. Simms 1871–1876   Judah Solomon 1871–1875
  Thomas Johnson 1875–1878
  John Darling Sr. 1876–1878  
  W. K. Simms 1878–1881   Hugh Fraser 1878–1884
  Charles Kingston 1881–1900  
  A. A. Fox 1884–1887
  Lawrence Grayson 1887–1893
  Lee Batchelor Labor 1893–1901
  Bill Denny 1900–1902
  Francis Keogh 1901–1902


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Coordinates: 34°56′S 138°35′E / 34.933°S 138.583°E / -34.933; 138.583