Electoral district of Stirling

Stirling was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Western Australia from 1950 to 2008.

Western AustraliaLegislative Assembly
StateWestern Australia
Dates current1950–2008
NamesakeStirling Range
DemographicSouth West

The district was located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.


Stirling was a rural district, surrounding but not including the coastal city of Albany. At its abolition it included the towns of Denmark, Mount Barker, Walpole and Cranbrook.


Stirling was first created for the 1950 state election. It was held at all times by the National Party, or factions thereof, under their various guises.

The district was abolished ahead of the 2008 state election as a result of the reduction in rural seats made necessary by the one vote one value reforms. Its former territory was largely incorporated into the new district of Blackwood-Stirling with parts also added to Albany. Following Stirling's abolition, sitting National MP Terry Redman contested the seat of Blackwood-Stirling.

Members for StirlingEdit

Member Party Term
  Arthur Watts Country 1950–1962
  Clayton Mitchell Country 1962–1971
  Matt Stephens Country 1971–1975
  National Country 1975–1978
  National (NP) 1978–1985
  National 1985–1989
  Monty House National 1989–2005
  Terry Redman National 2005–2008

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