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Electoral district of Mulgrave (Queensland)

Mulgrave is an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Queensland.

QueenslandLegislative Assembly
Electoral map of Mulgrave 2017
Dates current1873–1888; 1950–present
MPCurtis Pitt
NamesakeMulgrave River
Electors33,446 (2017)
Area2,923 km2 (1,128.6 sq mi)
Coordinates17°13′S 145°51′E / 17.217°S 145.850°E / -17.217; 145.850Coordinates: 17°13′S 145°51′E / 17.217°S 145.850°E / -17.217; 145.850
Electorates around Mulgrave:
Barron River Cairns Coral Sea
Cook Mulgrave Coral Sea
Hill Hill Hill
Electoral map of Mulgrave 2008

The district in its present form is a narrow coastal strip running from the southern suburbs of Cairns at its northern end to Innisfail at its southern end. Mulgrave also includes the towns of Gordonvale and Babinda. The electorate was first created for the 1950 election.

There was an earlier district also called Mulgrave that existed from 1873 to 1888. It was based on the town of Bundaberg and was replaced by the new electoral district of Bundaberg by the Electoral Districts Act of 1887.[1]

In 2017 a chunk of the electoral district split from Mulgrave, this area includes Innisfail, Tully and Babinda districts.

Members for MulgraveEdit

First incarnation (1873–1888)
Member Party Term
  Walter Scott Squatter conservative 1873–1878
  Thomas McIlwraith Conservative leader 1878–1886
  Walter Adams Unaligned 1886–1888
Second incarnation (1950–present)
Member Party Term
  Bob Watson Country 1950–1953
  Charles English Labor 1953–1957
  Queensland Labor 1957
  Bob Watson Country 1957–1959
  Carlisle Wordsworth Country 1959–1960
  Roy Armstrong Country 1960–1974
  National 1974–1980
  Max Menzel National 1980–1989
  Warren Pitt Labor 1989–1995
  Naomi Wilson National 1995–1998
  Charles Rappolt One Nation 1998
  Warren Pitt Labor 1998–2009
  Curtis Pitt Labor 2009–present

Election resultsEdit

2017 Queensland state election: Mulgrave[2]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Curtis Pitt 13,256 48.1 −2.8
Liberal National Karina Samperi 6,287 22.8 −8.6
One Nation Sue Bertuch 6,158 22.3 +22.3
Greens Carmel Murray 1,857 6.7 +2.7
Total formal votes 27,558 95.1 −2.6
Informal votes 1,416 4.9 +2.6
Turnout 28,974 84.7 −0.6
Two-party-preferred result
Labor Curtis Pitt 16,789 60.9 −2.0
Liberal National Karina Samperi 10,769 39.1 +2.0
Labor hold Swing −2.0


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