Electoral district of Kilmore

Kilmore was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Victoria centred on Kilmore from 1856 to 1877.[1] It was superseded in 1877 by Kilmore and Anglesey.[1]

VictoriaLegislative Assembly
Electoral district of Kilmore, Victoria.png
Location in Victoria
Coordinates37°17′31″S 144°57′4″E / 37.29194°S 144.95111°E / -37.29194; 144.95111Coordinates: 37°17′31″S 144°57′4″E / 37.29194°S 144.95111°E / -37.29194; 144.95111

The district of Kilmore was one of the initial districts of the first Victorian Legislative Assembly, 1856.[2]

It was defined as:

Commencing at a Point on the Eastern Branch of the Korkarruc Creek, Two Miles 55 Chains South of its Junction with the main Stream, and bounded on the North by a Line East from the said Point to Dry Creek; on the East by the Western Branch of the Dry Creek to its Source, thence by a Line South to the Boundary of the County of Bourke; on the South by the said Boundary to the Source of the Eastern Branch of the aforesaid Korkarruc Creek, and on the West by that Eastern Branch to the commencing Point.[3]

Members for KilmoreEdit

Member Term
Sir John O'Shanassy Nov. 1856 – Dec. 1865
Richard Davies Ireland Feb. 1866 – Dec. 1867
Lawrence Bourke Mar. 1868 – Mar. 1874
Thomas Hunt May 1874 – Apr. 1877


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