Electoral district of Eyre (South Australia)

Eyre was an electoral district of the House of Assembly in the Australian state of South Australia from 1938 to 1997.[2]

South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
StateSouth Australia
NamesakeEdward John Eyre
Coordinates29°S 137°E / 29°S 137°E / -29; 137Coordinates: 29°S 137°E / 29°S 137°E / -29; 137
coordinates [1]

The seat was located in the vast outback of northern South Australia. It was held by the Liberal Party and its predecessor, the Liberal and Country League, for its entire existence, and was usually a safely conservative seat. For the last 27 years of its existence, it was held by Graham Gunn, who was originally elected in 1970 as a member of the LCL and served as Speaker of the South Australian House of Assembly in the Dean Brown government.

Eyre was pushed to the south ahead of the 1993 election, taking in much of the abolished seat of Stuart. Eyre was abolished in a boundary redistribution prior to the 1997 election, dividing the northern South Australian outback into two seats. The eastern half was transferred to the recreated seat of Stuart, while the western half became part of the massively expanded seat of Giles. Gunn successfully transferred to Stuart.


Member Party Term
  Arthur Christian Liberal and Country 1938–1956
  George Bockelberg Liberal and Country 1956–1968
  Ernie Edwards Liberal and Country 1968–1970
  Graham Gunn Liberal and Country 1970–1974
  Liberal 1974–1997


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