Electoral district of Enfield

Enfield is a single-member electoral district for the South Australian House of Assembly. Named after the suburb of the same name, it is a 16.48 km2 (6.36 sq mi) suburban electorate in Adelaide's inner north, taking in the suburbs of Blair Athol, Broadview, Clearview, Enfield, Kilburn, Lightsview, Northgate, and Sefton Park; and parts of Nailsworth, Northfield and Prospect. The seat is currently vacant pending a by-election in February 2019—Labor MP John Rau resigned from parliament in December 2018, following Labor's defeat at the 2018 South Australian state election in March.[2]

South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
Map of Adelaide, South Australia with electoral district of Enfield highlighted
Electoral district of Enfield (green) in the Greater Adelaide area
StateSouth Australia
Dates current1956–1970, 2002–present
MPAndrea Michaels
NamesakeEnfield, South Australia
Electors25,853 (2019)
Area16.48 km2 (6.4 sq mi)
Coordinates34°51′58″S 138°36′27″E / 34.86611°S 138.60750°E / -34.86611; 138.60750Coordinates: 34°51′58″S 138°36′27″E / 34.86611°S 138.60750°E / -34.86611; 138.60750
Electorates around Enfield:
Port Adelaide Port Adelaide Florey
Croydon Enfield Torrens
Croydon Adelaide Dunstan
Electoral District map[1]

Enfield was first created to replace the abolished electoral district of Prospect for the 1956 election.[3] It was abolished for the 1970 election, substantially replaced by the new electorate of Ross Smith.

Enfield was recreated for the 2002 election as a safe Labor electorate, replacing the abolished electorate of Ross Smith, and was won by Labor candidate John Rau. Rau had defeated Ralph Clarke, the former member for Ross Smith, in a Labor preselection ballot. Clarke subsequently contested the election as an independent, but came third, falling 800 votes short of the Liberal candidate. At the 2006 election, Clarke decided to contest a South Australian Legislative Council seat, for which he had very little chance of success. Without competition from Clarke, Rau extended his margin, easily retaining the electorate for Labor.

In the 2016 redistribution by the electoral districts boundaries commission, the districts southern suburbs of Collinswood and Manningham were reassigned to the neighbouring districts of Adelaide and Torrens. The districts western suburbs of Regency Park, Ferryden Park, Angle Park and Mansfield Park were reassigned to the adjacent district of Croydon. The northeastern boundary was extended to include the suburbs of Northgate, Lightsview and part of Northfield within Enfield district, and the southwestern boundary was shifted south slightly to include part of Prospect.

In both of its incarnations, Enfield has been a comfortably-safe Labor seat.

The seat is currently held by Andrea Michaels, who was elected in the 2019 Enfield state by-election on 9 February, following the resignation of John Rau.[4]

Members for EnfieldEdit

First incarnation 1956–1970
Member Party Term
  Jack Jennings Labor 1956–1970
Second incarnation 2002–
Member Party Term
  John Rau Labor 2002–2018
  Andrea Michaels Labor 2019–present

Election resultsEdit

2019 Enfield state by-election[5][6][7]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor Andrea Michaels 8,945 47.5 +6.6
Independent Putting People First Gary Johanson 3,811 20.3 +20.3
Independent Liberal Saru Rana 2,716 14.4 +14.4
Greens Sebastian Konyn 1,562 8.3 −0.0
Liberal Democrats Stephen Humble 868 4.6 +4.6
Independent Honest Approachable Amrik Thandi 483 2.6 +2.6
Independent Mansoor Hashimi 431 2.3 +2.3
Total formal votes 18,816 93.9 −1.6
Informal votes 1,228 6.1 +1.6
Turnout 20,044 77.5 −11.0
Two-candidate-preferred result
Labor Andrea Michaels 11,585 61.6 +3.7
Independent Gary Johanson 7,231 38.4 +38.4
Labor hold Swing N/A
2018 South Australian state election: Enfield[8]
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labor John Rau 8,882 40.9 −5.1
Liberal Deepa Mathew 5,761 26.6 −10.5
SA-Best Carol Martin 4,004 18.5 +18.5
Greens Cassie Alvey 1,802 8.3 −0.0
Conservatives Steve Edmonds 718 3.3 −2.9
Dignity Emma Cresdee 526 2.4 +2.1
Total formal votes 21,693 95.5 −0.7
Informal votes 1,017 4.5 +0.7
Turnout 22,710 88.6 +6.1
Two-party-preferred result
Labor John Rau 12,554 57.9 +2.3
Liberal Deepa Mathew 9,139 42.1 −2.3
Labor hold Swing +2.3


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