Electoral district of East Sydney

East Sydney was an electoral district for the Legislative Assembly,[1][2][3] in the Australian colony of New South Wales created in 1859 from part of the Electoral district of Sydney City, covering the eastern part of the current Sydney central business district, Woolloomooloo, Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Darlinghurst, bordered by George Street to the east, Boundary Street to the west, and, from the creation of South Sydney in 1880, Liverpool Street and Oxford Street, to the south. It elected four members simultaneously, with voters casting four votes and the first four candidates being elected. For the 1894 election, it was replaced by the single-member electorates of Sydney-King, Sydney-Fitzroy and Sydney-Bligh.

East Sydney
New South WalesLegislative Assembly
StateNew South Wales
NamesakeEast Sydney, New South Wales

Members for East Sydney edit

Member Party Period Member Party Period Member Party Period Member Party Period
  Charles Cowper None 1859–1859   John Black None 1859–1860   Henry Parkes None 1859–1861   James Martin None 1859–1860
  Peter Faucett None 1860–1860
  Charles Cowper None 1860–1867
Robert Stewart None 1860–1864

John Caldwell None 1860–1866
  William Forster None 1861–1864

James Hart None 1864–1869   James Neale None 1864–1869

Robert Stewart None 1866–1869
  Marshall Burdekin None 1867–1869
  George King None 1869–1872   David Buchanan None 1869–1872   Henry Parkes None 1869–1870   James Martin None 1869–1872
  Bowie Wilson None 1870–1872

James Neale None 1872–1874   Saul Samuel None 1872–1872   Henry Parkes None 1872–1877   John Macintosh None 1872–1880
  George Oakes None 1872–1874
  Charles Moore None 1874–1874
  John Davies None 1874–1880
Alexander Stuart None 1874–1879
  James Greenwood None 1877–1880

Arthur Renwick None 1879–1882
  George Reid None 1880–1884   Henry Parkes None 1880–1882   Henry Dangar None 1880–1882
  Edmund Barton None 1882–1887   John McElhone None 1882–1883

George Griffiths None 1882–1885
  Henry Copeland None 1883–1887
  Sydney Burdekin None 1884–1887
  George Reid None 1885–1887
  Free Trade 1887–1891   John Street Free Trade 1887–1891   William McMillan Free Trade 1887–1894   Free Trade 1887–1894
  Walter Bradley Protectionist 1891–1891
  Varney Parkes Free Trade 1891–1894   Edmund Barton Protectionist 1891–1894

Election results edit

1891 New South Wales colonial election: East Sydney
Wednesday 17 June [4]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Free Trade William McMillan (re-elected 1) 3,713 19.2
Protectionist Edmund Barton (elected 2) 3,535 18.3
Free Trade Varney Parkes (elected 3) 3,343 17.3
Ind. Free Trade George Reid (re-elected 4) 2,946 15.2
Protectionist William Manning 2,260 11.7
Labour William Grantham 2,241 11.6
Protectionist Walter Bradley 1,328 6.9
Total formal votes 19,366 99.7
Informal votes 65 0.3
Turnout 6,475 64.5
  Free Trade hold 2
  Protectionist hold 1
  Member changed to Ind. Free Trade from Free Trade
Walter Bradley (Protectionist) won a seat at the 1891 East Sydney by-election and Edmund Barton (Protectionist) held it at this election. George Reid whilst a Free Trader, did not support the Free Trade government of Sir Henry Parkes.[4]

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