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The electoral district of Aubigny was a Legislative Assembly electorate in the state of Queensland. It was first created in a redistribution ahead of the 1873 colonial election, and existed until the 1972 state election.

QueenslandLegislative Assembly
DemographicSouthern Rural
Coordinates27°31′S 151°39′E / 27.517°S 151.650°E / -27.517; 151.650Coordinates: 27°31′S 151°39′E / 27.517°S 151.650°E / -27.517; 151.650

Based in the Darling Downs to the north and west of the regional city of Toowoomba, Aubigny was a safe seat for the Country Party, being held by every one of its incarnations from 1915 until 1960, when it was won by the Queensland Labor Party MP Les Diplock, transferring from Condamine. Diplock held the seat as the sole parliamentary representative of the QLP (which merged with the national Democratic Labor Party in 1962) until the seat's abolition in 1972.

Its most notable member was Arthur Edward Moore, member from 1915 until 1941 and Premier of Queensland from 1929 to 1932.


The seat's boundaries changed at a number of redistributions, but remained a seat in the rural hinterland between Dalby and Toowoomba, and to the north of Toowoomba. The seat's place of nomination was consistently either Crows Nest or Oakey, both of which were present in all incarnations of the electorate.[1] The seat originally extended as far north as Nanango and Blackbutt whilst only extending a short distance west to Oakey; however, at the 1912 election, its north-south distance was cut by about half, with the northern areas going to the new seat of Nanango and some areas on Toowoomba's outskirts such as Highfields and Wellcamp going to the new seat of Drayton.[1]

At the 1923 election, Drayton was abolished and over two successive redistributions, Aubigny both moved closer to Toowoomba and further west. However, at the 1935 election, with a new seat of East Toowoomba taking in the closer areas, Aubigny was pushed north-westwards and absorbed areas to the north and north-east of Dalby such as Jandowae and Bell. The establishment of a zonal electoral system with the Electoral Districts Act 1949 placed areas nearer to Toowoomba in a "provincial cities" zone, so these were removed from Aubigny with Westbrook and Aubigny being substituted in their place.

The final incarnation of Aubigny, beginning from the 1960 election, was a seat to the west and north-west of Toowoomba which included the entire town of Dalby within its boundaries for the first time.[1]

Members for AubignyEdit

Member Party Term
  Edward Wilmot Pechey   1873–1877
  Patrick Perkins Conservative 1877–1884
  James Campbell Conservative 1884–1893
  William Lovejoy Opposition 1893–1894
  William Thorn Opposition 1894–1904
  John O'Brien Labor 1904–1907
  Donald McIntyre Kidstonites 1907–1908
  William Thorn Farmer's Rep. 1908–1909
  Liberal 1909–1912
  Alfred James Luke Liberal 1912–1915
  Arthur Edward Moore Farmers' Union 1915–1917
  National 1917–1919
  Country 1919–1925
  Country and Progressive National 1925–1936
  Country 1936–1941
  Jim Sparkes Country 1941–1960
  Les Diplock Queensland Labor 1960–1962
Democratic Labor 1962–1972

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