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Elections in Monaco gives information on election and election results in Monaco.

Monaco elects on national level a legislature (parliament). The National Council (Conseil National) has 24 members, elected for a five-year term, 16 elected by a winner-take-all plurality system, and the other 8 by proportional representation. Each voter may cast a ballot with up to 16 candidates' names. First, the 16 individuals with the most votes are elected. Then, votes are counted by party groups to fill the remaining 8 seats. E.g., if a party polled 51% of the votes it would probably win 20 out of 24 seats (all 16 of the winner-take-all seats and then 4 of the 8 proportional seats).

Latest electionsEdit

Primo! Priorité Monaco63,80657.71New21New
Horizon Monaco28,85826.10–24.242–18
Union Monégasque17,89516.19–22.801–2
Valid votes4,82294.60
Invalid/blank votes2755.40
Total votes5,097100.00
Registered voters/turnout7,24570.35
Source: Mairie de Monaco, Mairie de Monaco

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