El secreto de Puente Viejo

El secreto de puente viejo (English: The Secret of Puente Viejo) is a Spanish telenovela produced by Boomerang TV for Antena 3. The series was premiered on 23 February 2011.[1] On 2 February 2015 the series reached 1,000 episodes, and on 26 January 2017 the series reached 1,500 episodes.

El secreto de Puente Viejo
Soap opera
Period drama
Created byAurora Guerra
Written byAurora Guerra
Miguel Peidro
Benjamín Zafra
José Antonio López
Susana Prieto
Directed byAurora Guerra
Pablo Guerrero
Alberto Pernet
Luis Santamaría
David Montoya
Country of originSpain
Original languageSpanish
No. of seasons12
No. of episodes2324
ProducerLuis Santamaría
Running time55 minutes
Production companyBoomerang TV
Original networkAntena 3
Original release23 February 2011 (23 February 2011) –
20 May 2020 (20 May 2020)
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1º stage (The Beginning)Edit

The story begins with Pepa, a poor and illiterate but intelligent adolescent orphaned girl with great knowledge in herb medicine and obstetrics who had been lusted and impregnated by her landlord Carlos Càstro giving birth to a son and then thrown out of the house and tricked to believe that her child was stillborn. She finds a shelter in Raimundo Ulloa (Ramòn Ibarra)'s inn where she befriends his daughter Emilia and is hired to be an obstetrician for Francisca Montenegro (Marìa Bouzas), a wealthy landlady's pregnant daughter-in-law Angustias who's mentally unstable. Both Angustias and Francisca begin hating Pepa when Francisca's son Tristan falls in love with the latter. Pepa holds the blame for Angustias' baby's death while actually, the real culprit is Angustias herself. Eventually, the truth is revealed and the latter is sent to a mental institution where she commits suicide. Later, Pepa finds out that Tristan's adopted son Martin is her long-lost son, taken away by Carlos who was Tristan's adopted brother, who later died in a fire with all his household. However, he is revealed to have survived and returns, kidnapping his son. The villagers find out that Carlos is dead but do not find the child and consider him also dead. Pepa finds her real mother, a wealthy landlady who was forced to give her illegitimate newborn child away, as she was also underaged, and her father is Francisca's deceased husband. It is also revealed that Raimundo and Francisca were lovers and Tristan is their son, so he's not Pepa's brother. After many trials, Pepa and Tristan finally get married and their daughter Aurora is born. Unfortunately, Pepa suffers from harsh pregnancy and dies in childbirth. When she learns that Tristan has been kidnapped while travelling, Pepa goes searching for him. Tristan manages to escape the goons and meets Pepa in the mountains near Puente Viejo. There, Pepa delivers with the help of Tristan but is very weak and unable to get up. After a tearful farewell, Tristan takes the newborn to the village.

2º stage (16 years later)Edit

Gonzalo (Jordi Coll), the new priest, comes to the town with a single purpose, to find his real family, it is Martín, the son of Pepa and Carlos who they left for dead in the first stage, he fell in love with Maria, raised in her godmother Francisca's home, has grown up to be a noble lady from the upper class who becomes a love interest of Fernando (Carlos Serrano) (Pepa's step-brother's son, named Olmo) and soon they get engaged. Meanwhile, Tristan is depressed after Pepa's demise, and does not communicate with anybody, except for his father Raimundo, his sister Emilia, his niece Maria, his brother-in-law Alfonso and his maidservant Rosario. He did not want to look after Aurora, as she reminded him of Pepa and sent her to a boarding school in Switzerland when she was 7 years old. Candela (Aída de la Cruz), a lonely confectioner who escaped her cruel husband, enters Tristan's life, making him happy again and they fall in love. It is revealed that Gonzalo is Pepa's long-lost son Martin and he reunites with his family. However, he finds out about Fernando's cruel and violent and together with Maria's adoptive aunt and maidservant of the Montenegros Mariana tries to stop his wedding with Maria but fails. Fernando, who's madly jealous, molests his wife before and after marriage and Martin is determined to save her. Tristan finds out that Francisca killed Pepa by getting her poisoned during pregnancy and disowns his mother.

3º stageEdit

Meanwhile, Aurora (Victoria Camps Medina) returns after graduating boarding school and Candela helps Tristan making up with his daughter. It turns out the girl is not Aurora, but her friend Jacinta who got mad and stole the real Aurora's life, sending her to India. The real Aurora (Ariadna Gaya) manages to return and with the help of Martin and Maria exposes Jacinta who flees. Tristan reunites with his children but his happy living ever after is turned into a tragic end when Jacinta returns and murders him on his wedding with Candela. Before his wedding, Tristan decides to forgive Francisca and reconcile with his mother, but she refuses. After the wedding, Jacinta shoots Candela, but the projectile hits Tristan, who was hugging her, and he dies. Francisca visit his grave and cry broken of pain for the lost of his son.

4º stageEdit

After the unsuccessful attempted murder of Candela (which was Jacinta's purpose in the first place), Jacinta flees again and poisons Puente Viejo's water supplies, causing a mortal epidemics. Martin and Aurora manage to get the antidote and save the village but Jacinta ends up committing suicide in a furious rage after realising her deeds. It is revealed that after Tristan left dying Pepa in the mountains taking newborn Aurora to the village, Pepa woke up, delivered Aurora's fraternal twin Bosco and was dragged by somebody after losing cautious again. Tristan never found her corpse. It is also never revealed what really happened to her. She gave the second baby to a random woman passing by.

After Fernando's numerous unsuccessful attempts of killing Martin, who is expecting a child with Maria, he injures himself badly end ends up in a wheelchair. Martin and Maria look after him until his recovering in exchange for a divorce. Fernando does not keep his word and kidnapped Maria's and Marti'ns daughter, Esperanza, but eventually, all his crimes are caught and he is sent to jail. However, Francisca turns against Maria when she finds out about the latter's pregnancy and plans of getting rid of her goddaughter and taking the child from her. Having given priesthood up, Martin marries Maria. After Francisca's unsuccessful plot to murder Martin, Maria gets furious and tries to kill her godmother to put an end of her evilness and cruel deeds but is stopped by Martin. To protect their daughter Esperanza, Martin and Maria enact their death with the help of their relatives and escape abroad. They live happily ever after in Cuba with Esperanza.

5-rd StageEdit

Francisca takes Bosco under her patronage after he saves her life and eventually his origins are revealed due to three moles on his back, possessed by Pepa and all her descendants. Bosco and Ines, Candela's niece who works as a maid in Montenegro Mansion, fall in love but Francisca gets Bosco married to a woman from the upper class named Amalia. However, Ines falls pregnant with Bosco's child. Amalia, who is childless, also fakes pregnancy and when Ines gives birth, she steals the latter's child telling her it died after birth and presenting it as her own. At the same time, Severo Santacruz (Chico García) arrives in the town accompanied by Carmelo Leal (Raúl Peña), his best friend, together they will be in charge of making Francisca pay for the death of Severo's parents Since she killed them in the past. After Conrado's death, Aurora finds the love in Lucas, but in the wedding she left him and travel to Paris.

6º stageEdit

Eventually, the truth is revealed and Ines reunites with her son and with Bosco. Amalia dies in an accident and Bosco and Ines get married. Unfortunately, Ines falls ill from diabetes and dies. Bosco is heartbroken but promises himself not to repeat his father's mistake. He hires a nanny for his son Beltran, Berta and soon they fall in love. But Berta turns out to be mental and attempts to kill Francisca when the latter tries to expose Berta's psychological state to Bosco. While protecting herself from Berta, Francisca inadvertently shoots Bosco and he dies. Bosco's last wish is for Beltran to be raised by Aurora. Initially, Francisca refuses to hand the baby over but then she decides not to repeat her mistake with Tristan and lets her love for Bosco triumph over her ego and hatred for Aurora. Severo and Carmelo devise a plan through which they make Francisca lose all her money and be forced to beg with Raimundo (Ramón Ibarra), her longtime love and Mauricio (Mario Zorrilla), her right hand and the only one who did not abandon her when she lost her money. Severo and Carmelo find Sol in Madrid, she is Severo's sister, employed as a prostitute and take her to Puente Viejo. Initially, Sol is scared and rebellious but soon manages to adapt to her new life, finding new friends in the village.

7-th StageEdit

The protagonists of this stage are Hernando (Àngel de Miguel) and Camila (Yara Puebla). After Bosco's death, Aurora sells her home mansion to the Mella Family. But hardly soon arrived at the village, the Mellas tragically die in a fire accidentally caused by the family's children. Beatriz (Giulia Charm), the mute daughter of the family is the only survival. Hernando dos Casas, a wealthy but distanced landlord arrives at the village to be the girl's custodian. Soon after that, his wife Camila whom he has never seen, as they had married in different countries, (he married to get custodian rights over Beatriz) arrives from Cuba. Camila's character is her husband's complete opposite: she's kind and caring and soon wins her adopted daughter's heart over while Hernando provokes only fear in the girl despite his efforts of befriending her. Camila even manages to help Beatriz regain her voice. Elìas Mato (Jaime Lorento), a chemist working for Hernando, falls in love with Camila and tries to separate her from her husband but eventually, the spouses grow closer to each other. As love between them arises, they have to overcome the misunderstandings created by Elias between them and learn how to trust each other. It is later revealed that Hernando is not the person he seems to be, he looks cold and heartless from the outside but is warm-hearted and caring from the inside. A tragedy had struck his life in the past that changed his manner: he had lost his family in a fire. However, 1 of his children survived: Beatriz, who had partly lost her memory and also her voice. She is scared from Hernando as he reminds her of the person who had set the fire. As Hernando had known somebody was plotting against him, he had send his daughter to live with the Mellas, who were family friends of his, to protect her. As Camila finds out the truth, she proves Hernando's innocence in front of Beatriz and eventually the three of them live together like a real family. Later, the family faces new struggles as Beatriz is involved in a love triangle with Matias (Emilia's adopted son) and Ismael, her father's new business partner.

Doctor Lucas Moliner falls in love with Sol but their love has to go through some trials as it turns out Sol is married to her former employer Eliseo. After some twists and turns, Eliseo and Sol are divorced and she marries Lucas. Severo gives his revenge towards Francisca up, settles down in the village and marries Candela with whom he acquires a son named after his loyal friend Carmelo (who also finds love and settles in the village). Sol dies when Severiano, the first love of Emilia, poisons her by mistake wanting to kill Alfonso, who was close to Sol. Emilia is guilty of murder, Severiano has returned to ask for money and go to America, but thanks to Maria's return, they get Severiano to die and for Emilia to leave the jail. Lucas marches desolate from the town with his son.

Cristobal Garrigues arrives to the town, he is one of the sons of Salvador Castro, and a army's intendant who has come to take revenge on Francisca for snatching her father's inheritance, since Francisca kept the inheritance of Salvador, but thanks to Severo and Carmelo they get the army to send Cristobal to Morocco.

8-th stageEdit

Matias, who loves Beatriz, is unreasonably jealous of Ismael who turns out to be Beatriz' long-lost brother Damiàn, who was taught to have died in the fire. But it is also revealed that Damian is evil and is the actual culprit for the fire and also for his mother's death. Damian repents for his past mistakes and asks his father for forgiveness. Hernando agrees, on condition Damian undergoes a psychotherapy. Damian seems to recover but his truly wicked intentions are revealed when he pushes Camila, who never trusted and so, investigated him, into a well. Camila, who's pregnant, survives but loses the child. Soon, Damian dies in an accident. Hernando does not succeed in saving his son and is heartbroken. Hernando and Camila's love is tested again when Camila's friend Lucìa tries to stand between the 2 but it is strong enough to resist. The couple's happiness returns when Camila gets pregnant again.

Cristobal returns to the town and now, he attacks Severo's family, almost got Candela abort the son son of Severo and they fake his dead and that of Severo. Cristobal takes over Severo's house after his supposed death and Carmelo now is his esclave. Carmelo kills a man who was at enmity with Cristobal, that man's widow, Adela (Ruth Llopis) and Carmelo fall in love without her knowing that it was Carmelo who killed her husband. Finally Severo is shown to be alive and he and Carmelo fight Cristóbal by kicking him out of the house.

Francisca and Raimundo gets married.

9-th StageEdit

In this stage, the protagonists of the soap opera are Julieta (Claudia Galàn) and Saul (Rubèn Bernal). Saul and his brother Prudencio (Josè Milàn) save Francisca from Cristòbal Garrigues. Julieta arrives at Puente Viejo with her grandmother Consuelo (Trinidad Iglesias) and daughter Ana (who's actually her half-sister, the reasons Julieta hides her identity are still unknown). Ana dies in a fire caused by Prudencio, who is dying of jealousy since his brother and Juliet are in love. Since then prudencio tries to separate Julieta and Saul without success.

Matias mets one woman, Marcela (Paula Ballesteros), in a party and impregnate her, for that reason he is obliged to marry with her, that act brokes Beatriz's heart and she goes to bed with Aquilino to make Matias jealous. The financial situation of the Dos Casas has worsened a lot after the damage that Damián caused and after the departure of Lucía and the arrival of Aquilino, a man who wants to sink Hernando further, he receives a job offer and moves to Czechoslovakia with his family.

Carmelo and Adela married and Severo and Candela backs to the town, but Candela dies as her ex-mother-in-law, her first husband's mother comes to town and kills her, stealing baby Carmelo. Since then Severo tries to avenge the death of his wife and succeeds, but cannot find his son, it is revealed that the baby is in hiding with a journalist, Irene (Rebeca Sala), who unknowingly kept him . Severo and Irene fall in love and form a family with Carmelo and Adela, their soul friends.

Nicolás murders the son of a general since he killed his wife, Mariana, since then, said general hunts him and thanks to the help of the neighbors he manages to escape from the town, but the general attacks Emilia and Alfonso and they, after kill him they are in trouble.

10-th stageEdit

Fernando backs to the town to help Alfonso and Emilia with his problem, Francisca disappeared and Fernando takes over Francisca's house. Raimundo tries to find his wife but apparently, She doesn't want to be found. Antolina (María Lima) and Isaac (Ibrahim Al Shami) arrive at the town, Isaac was Elsa's (Alejandra Meco) fiancé, they were going to get married when some terrorists broke into the wedding and faked Elsa's death, Antolina is Elsa's maid who managed to escape alive together with Isaac, together they make life in Puente Viejo. Later it is revealed that Elsa is still alive but locked up by her own brother, she manages to escape and reach Puente Viejo, there to deal with Antolina, who is in love with Isaac and they form a love triangle. During this stage Prudencio tries to kill Saúl, Saúl pretends to be dead and Julieta and Prudencio go to La Casona to live with Fernando and Raimundo, leaving Julieta's house to Elsa and Isaac. Meanwhile, Raimundo finds Francisca in a mental hospital, she is damaged mentally, he is locked up in the sanatorium by Fulgencio, Francisca's cousin, Fulgencio and Fernando agreed to lock up Francisca to steale Francisca's properties. Fortunately, Mauricio, Saúl (it is revealed that he is alive), Fernando and Prudencio go to rescue Francisca and Raimundo and Fernando shoots at Fulgencio killing him so that Fulgencio could not reveal that the real villain was Fernando. At home, Francisca is still in a catatonic state, so when there was not much vigilance an outlaw sneaks in and pretends to kill her, that outlaw is Gonzalo, who has returned to fake Francisca's death in a plan concocted with Raimundo, make Fernando believe that she is dead in order to unmask Fernando. One month after Gonzalo's return, María returns, who is about to divorce Gonzalo, Gonzalo returns to Cuba with the money that Fernando has given him so that Gonzalo leaves María and that he (Fernando) has a chance with María.

Parallel story arcsEdit

Along with the main plot, there are some other stories evolving around the story of the main characters. The series also portrays the lives of the secondary characters, most often related to the main personages or at least close to them. Here are the most important secondary characters' stories:

It turns out that the central love story in the show is not Pepa and Tristan's but actually Raimundo and Francisca's. They were deeply in love, but when Raimundo's parents threatened to ruin Francisca's live if she married their son, Raimundo had no other option but to leave Francisca, telling her he never loved her. Pregnant and heartbroken Francisca was married to Salvador Castro, an evil man, infamous for his ruthlessness who also later had a few illegitimate children including Pepa. Thus, Francisca underwent major personality changes, turning into a cold and insensible woman. Raimundo and Francisca establish a simultaneously love-and-hate relationship which ends, after many years, twists and turns, with the 2 of them finally getting together.

Emilia (Sandra Cervera) is Raimundo's adopted daughter and Pepa's best friend. She also has her story. Emilia falls pregnant by a Don Juan named Severyano, a seasonal blue-collar worker in the village who escapes after robbing a wealthy widow's property. Alfonso (Fernando Coronado), another worker, who is Tristan's maidservant Rosario's son, falls in love with Emilia, marries her and accepts her child. Years later, Emilia and Alfonso adopt a troubled teenaged boy named Matìas (Ivàn Montes), whose father and brothers force him to steal. Later Maria returns to save her mother from the emotional blackmail of Severyano who wants her family's property. Severyano shoots with a gun to scare the village's residents off and prevent them from interfering his plans, leading to Sol's unfortunate demise. He even threatens to murder his own daughter but is killed by the police. Despite Emilia and Alfonso's request for Maria's family to return to Spain, she refuses, not wanting to take risks by revealing Francisca the truth behind their disappearance. Later, Emilia gets pregnant with Alfonso's child but after a terrible accident which almost takes her and Alfonso's lives, the 2 decide Puente Viejo is a too dangerous place for their child to grow and leave for Paris.

Matias and Beatriz fall in love but he leaves her to prevent her from getting involved with his biological family's criminal lifestyle. He starts dating a girl named Marcela (Paula Ballesteros) to distract himself from Beatriz and make her forget him. Eventually, Matias' brothers are sent to jail but he is unable to reunite with Beatriz as he marries pregnant Marcela. Extremely jealous Beatriz constantly interferes Matias and Marcela's relationship, including making Matias cheating his wife, but he eventually realises his mistakes and begins wholeheartedly loving Marcela. They become the proud parents of a baby girl named Camelia. When her family move to Czechoslovakia, Beatriz promises herself to return and take Matias away from Marcela.

Soledad (Alejandra Onieva) is Francisca and Salvador's only common child and Pepa and Tristan's half-sister. She's proud, refined and kind-hearted lady from the upper class but suffers a lot because of her love for Juan (Jonàs Beramì), son of Francisca's and then Tristan's maid Rosario (Adelfa Calvo) and Alfonso's younger brother, who often gets into trouble. Soledad and Juan get married but soon divorce after Juan unintentionally causes Soledad's miscarriage, leaving her childless. Both of them try to move on, Juan by hiring a call girl named Enriqueta (Andrea Duro), who falls in love with him, and Soledad by getting engaged to Pepa's step-brother Olmo (Iago Garcìa). Olmo leaves Soledad when he finds out she is unable to have children, but then comes back when he learns that he has a son, Fernando, from his former school teacher with whom he had had an affair. Soledad refuses to accept Olmo and reunites with Juan whom she has always loved. They decide to move to Paris and start their life together again but Olmo and Enriqueta team up to stop them. When Soledad and Juan leave, Enriqueta comes across them and shoots at Soledad, but Juan sacrifices his life to save his beloved. Enriqueta flees, leaving Soledad heartbroken. However, the latter prefers retiring to a monastery than staying with Olmo. Years later, after several attempts of committing suicide, she returns home. Soledad is extremely depressed and to help her overcome her sadness, her servant and best friend, Mariana and the village's priest Padre Anselmo (Mario Martìn) decide to bring Soledad's happy memories of piano lessons by hiring a teacher. However, she has no interest, as her only wish is going to Paris where she would be happy with Juan and end her life there. The teacher helps her fulfill her wish. Later, Soledad returns from Paris. Changed. She's no longer the miserable person, with no desire for life, but a cheerful, vivacious and carefree woman who lives the way she wants. In Paris, she met Enriqueta, now begging on the streets, who revealed her everything about Olmo's true colours, including their alliance and how Juan's murder was part of his plan. This was not Olmo's solely crime, he also killed his own adoptive and Pepa's real mother for the sake of his inheritance and is responsible for Fernando's mother's death. Soledad goes back to Puente Viejo for 1 reason: punishing Olmo and stopping him from committing more crimes. With the help of Olmo's assassin, she exposes Olmo and sends him to jail. After that, she leaves to continue her life. When Fernando comes to know that his father stands behind his mother's death, he disowns him. He even tries to get his father killed in jail. Olmo survives but loses his memory and turns into a modest, hard-working blue-collar worker. Soon, he gains his memory back but terrified of what he has done and fearing he would do such things again, commits suicide. Soledad marries Terence, an American gentleman with dark complexion but falls in love with Simòn (Jonàs Beramì), a blue-collar worker who looks just like Juan. Despite Soledad's affords to forget Simon and stay with her husband, Terence lets her free. She moves to Australia with Simon and they live happily ever after.

Mariana (Carlota Barò) is Rosario's only daughter, a maidservant of the Montenegros, another friend of Pepa's and Soledad's best friend. She's hard-working, kind and always anxious about her brothers. Mariana is miserable in love as she loses 2 beloved ones. The 1-st is Paquito, her mother's godson who arrives at Puente Viejo to support Rosario's family after her youngest son's departure. Paquito gets unwillingly involved with drug traffickers disguised as pharmacists and loses his life. The 2-nd is Antonio, who arrives at the village to avenge his brother's death, who was killed by Mariana's brothers to protect their sister from rape. Antonio falls in love with Mariana. She loves him back, but when discovers his initial intentions, murders him in an act of self-defence and is jailed. Years later, Mariana returns to Francisca's mansion to work as a maid as she believes her sentence is not enough punishment for her crime. Eventually, she finds love again and marries photographer Nicolàs Ortuño (Alejandro Sigüenza), with whom she acquires a daughter named Juana. Unfortunately, the family's happy life is ruined when Mariana is murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Pepa's children also have their parallel story arcs, as well as the characters of the 1-st generation. Strong-minded and independent Aurora's tragic love story is also portrayed in the show. She falls in love with and engages to Conrado (Rubèn Serrano), a stubborn, yet kind-hearted geologist who's later brutally killed by his ex-fiancée while defending Aurora. After his demise, Aurora moves to Paris to pursue higher studies. She only returns to Puente Viejo after Bosco and Ines' death to take Beltran to be raised by Martin and Maria in Cuba.

The series also shows some comedy moments, portraying the life of Pedro Mirañar (Enric Benavent), Puente Viejo's mayor and his family. His wife Dolores (Maribel Ripoll) is a self-confident and chatty woman, prone to gossiping who later temporarily takes her husband's position. Their son Hipòlito (Selu Nieto) is a cheerful and vivacious young man with his head in the clouds who experiences difficulties in choosing occupation or hobbies he wants to get busy with, creating, along with his parents, a lot of entertaining situations. He saves Quintina (Blanca Parès), a circus employee who suffers from congenital blindness and they fall in love. Hipolito and his family help Quintina recover her vision by paying for her surgery. Quintina marries Hipolito, joining the comic squad of the show but later leaves her husband to be with a circus employer. Dolores and Pedro hire a tailor named Gracia (Carmen Canivell) to befriend Hipolito and distract him from his grief. The 2 initially dislike each other, only to fall in love. After the news of Quintina's death arrives, they get married. Dolores and Pedro's marriage falls apart after the latter heads off for Russia to join the communists and leaves his spouse for a crush on a local woman. Dolores finds comfort in the company of Tiburcio (Cèsar Capilla), a muscular and masculine circus employee. News about Pedro's death arrives from Russia, along with his urn. Dolores and Tiburcio get married.


Main castEdit

Actor Character Episodes
María Bouzas Francisca Montenegro 1 -2324
Ramón Ibarra Raimundo Ulloa 1 –2324
Selu Nieto Hipólito Mirañar 1 –2324
Maribel Ripoll María Dolores Asenjo 1 –2324
Mario Zorrilla Mauricio Godoy 836 –2324
Iván Montes Matías Castañeda 950 –2324
José Gabriel Campos Onésimo Fernández 1269 –2324
Paula Ballesteros Marcela del Molino 1651 –2324
César Capilla Tiburcio Comino 1713 –2324
Silvia Marsó Isabel de los Visos 2161 –2324
Manuel Regueiro Ignacio Solozábal 2161 –2324
Sara Sanz Rosa Solozábal 2161 –2324
Berta Castañé Carolina Solozábal 2161 –2324
Laura Minguell Marta Solozábal 2161 –2324
Adrián Pedraja Adolfo de los Visos 2161 –2324
Alejandro Vergara Tomás Solozábal 2161 –2324
Almudena Cid Manuela Sánchez 2161 –2324
Adrián Exposito Pablo Centeno 2161 –2324
Ángel H. Sánchez Jesús Urrutia 2161 –2324
Arantxa Aranguren Encarnación Iglesia 2161 –2324
Roser Tapias Alicia Urrutia 2161 –2324
Andrés Suárez Filiberto 2161 –2324
Carles Sanjaime Eugenio Huertas 2161 –2324
Toni Salgado Iñigo Marqueda 2161 –2324
Lucía Caraballo Antoñita Malo 2161 –2324

Former main castEdit

Actor Character Episodes
Sara Ballesteros Angustias Osorio 1–57
Xosé Barato Alberto Guerra 58–127
Pablo Espinosa Ramiro Castañeda 1–179
Cuca Escribano Agueda Molero 180–260
Pablo Castañón Sebastián Ulloa 58–260
Leonor Martín Gregoria Casas 136–365
Jonás Beramí Juan Castañeda 1–365
Andrea Duro Enriqueta 261–365
Megan Montaner Pepa Aguirre 1–381
Miguel García Borda Roque Fresnedoso 382–530
Diana Gómez Pía Toledano 382–530
Victoria Camps Medina Jacinta Ramos 531–617
Álex Gadea Tristán Ulloa 1–666
Charlotte Vega Rita Aranda 571–750
Iago García Olmo Mesía 180 – 570 / 651 – 750
Alejandra Onieva Soledad Castro 1 – 570 / 651 – 780
Jonás Berami Simón Cármeta 751–780
Juli Cantó Fulgencio Montenegro 781–835
Jorge Pobes Anibal Buendía 571–835
Javier Abad Isidro Buendía 571–835
Mercedes León Bernarda Jiménez 781–949
Blanca Parés Quintina Mirañar 751–999
Rubén Serrano Conrado Buenaventura 836–1029
Ariadna Gaya Aurora Ulloa 618–1136
Fariba Sheikhan Inés Lagar 881–1136
Enric Benavent Pedro Mirañar 1–1136
Francisco Ortiz Bosco Ulloa 836–1230
María de Nati Prado Castañeda 1137–1268
Carlota Baró Mariana Ortuño 1–1351
Jaime Lorente Elías Mato 1269–1425
Álvaro Morte Lucas Moliner 973–1500
Adriana Torrebejano Sol Santacruz 1137–1500
Adelfa Calvo Rosario Pacheco 1–1500
Carlos de Austria Cristóbal Castro 1426–1606
Sandra González Garzón Ana Uriarte 1607–1621
Ángel de Miguel Hernando Dos Casas 1269–1650
Giulia Charm Beatriz Dos Casas 1271–1650
Yara Puebla Camila Mella 1271–1650
Aída de la Cruz Candela Mendizábal 506 – 1500 / 1607 – 1712
Alejandro Sigüenza Nicolás Ortuño 836 – 1351 / 1501 – 1820
Sandra Cervera Emilia Samaniego 1–1846
Fernando Coronado Alfonso Castañeda 1–1846
Jordi Coll Martín Castro 382 – 949 / 1911 – 1940
Mario Martín Anselmo Salvide 1–2049
Marta Tomasa Worner Fe Pérez 781–2049
Claudia Galán Julieta Uriarte 1607–2049
Rubén Bernal Saúl Ortega 1607–2049
Ibrahim Al Shami Isaac Guerrero 1835–2144
María Lima Antolina Ramos 1835–2144
Alejandra Meco Elsa Laguna 1866–2144
Raúl Peña Carmelo Leal 950–2160
Chico García Severo Santacruz 950–2160
Carmen Canivell Gracia Hermosa 1137–2160
Miguel Uribe Berengario Soto 1269–2160
Trinidad Iglesias Consuelo Uriarte 1607–2160
José Milán Prudencio Ortega 1607–2160
Ruth Llopis Adela de Jano 1607–2160
Roberto Saiz Melitón Melquíades 1713–2160
Rebeca Sala Irene Campuzano 1821–2160
Carlos Serrano Fernando Mesía 382 – 750 / 1847 – 2160
Loreto Mauleón María Ulloa 382 – 999 / 1941 – 2160
Lucía Margo Dolores "Lola" Mendaña 2050–2160

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Series premiere Series finale Broadcast Ratings
Viewers Share
1 381 23 February 2011 21 August 2012 1,615,000 14.5%
2 200 22 August 2012 6 June 2013 1,960,000 15.4%
3 85 7 June 2013 4 October 2013 1,940,000 15.2%
4 169 7 October 2013 9 June 2014 ? ?
5 195 10 June 2014 16 March 2015 ? ?
6 200 17 March 2015 28 December 2015 ? ?
7 254 29 December 2015 3 January 2017 ? ?
8 121 4 January 2017 26 June 2017 ? ?
9 225 27 June 2017 23 May 2018 ? ?
10 219 24 May 2018 3 April 2019 ? ?
11 111 4 April 2019 10 September 2019 ? ?
12 165 11 September 2019 20 May 2020 ? ?
Total 2324 23 February 2011 20 May 2020 N/A N/A

Awards and nominationsEdit

Premios TP de OroEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2011 Best telenovela or series El secreto de Puente Viejo Nominated

Fotogramas de PlataEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2012 Best television actress María Bouzas Nominated

Premio AsturiasEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2012 Asturian character of the year Pablo Castañón Won

Premios IrisEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2012 Best screenplay Supporting screenplay Nominated
Best Music for Television Álex Conrado Nominated

Festival MadridImagenEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2013 Best Spanish TV Series Season Nominated

Premios Jóvenes D.O. La ManchaEdit

Year Category Nominated work won
2012 Television and Performing Arts Jordi Coll Won
Loreto Mauleón Won

European Soap Fan DayEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2013[2] Best TV Series of the Year Won
Best Foreign TV Actor Álex Gadea Won

Premio Magazine Estrella Distinción EspecialEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2011 Best Actors Megan Montaner and Álex Gadea Won

Premio Paco RabalEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2014 Best Series El secreto de Puente Viejo Won

Premio CENCOREdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2013 Best Actress Sandra Cervera Won

Premios Neox Fan AwardsEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2015 Best Actress Adriana Torrebejano Won
2014 Best Actor Jordi Coll Won
2014 Best Actress Loreto Mauleón Nominated
2014 Best TV series El secreto de Puente Viejo Nominated
2014 Best Kiss Jordi Coll and Loreto Mauleón Nominated
2013 Best TV series El secreto de Puente Viejo Nominated
2013 Best Actor Álex Gadea Nominated

Premios AndalucíaEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2015 Andaluz Character of the Year Chico García Won

Premio CatalunyaEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2015 Best TV Actress María Bouzas Won

Premios Grand Prix Corallo ItaliaEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2015 Best TV Series El secreto de Puente Viejo Won
2015 Best TV Actress María Bouzas Won

Premios Unión de ActoresEdit

Year Category Nominated work Result
2015 Best Protagonist Actress María Bouzas Pending
2015 Best Supporting Actor Selu Nieto Pending
2015 Best Supporting Actor Mario Martín Pending
2015 Best Supporting Actress Sandra Cervera Pending
2015 Best Supporting Actress Carlota Baró Pending
2015 Best Supporting Actor Ramón Ibarra Robles Pending
2015 Best Supporting Actor Enric Benavent Pending
2015 Best Main Actor Boré Buika Pending

International broadcastEdit

Country or region Network Airing date Timeslot Notes
  Vietnam (under a 45-50 minutes format) VTV2 1 April 2017 - 15 April 2018 Every day 23:15 - 24:00 Episode 1 to 199
VTV3 16 April 2018 - present Monday - Friday 13:45 - 14:35 Episode 200 to present


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