El gato tuerto is a Venezuelan telenovela created Germán Pérez Nahim and adapted by César Sierra for Televen.[2] The show is the first telenovela produced by Televen,[2] and premiered on 5 November 2007 registering high audience levels with a total of 34% share.[3] It stars Sabrina Seara and Andrés Scarioni.[4]

El gato tuerto
Created byCésar Sierra
Written by
  • Amaris Páez[1]
  • Fernando Martínez[1]
  • Valentina Saa[1]
  • César Sierra
Screenplay byCésar Sierra
Story byGermán Pérez Nahím[1]
Directed byJuan Carlos Ariza[1]
Creative directorEvelin Pérez[1]
Music byArmando Mosquera[1]
Opening theme"El gato tuerto" by Oscar D'León[1]
Country of originVenezuela
Original languageSpanish
Executive producerHenry Márquez[1]
Original release
ReleaseNovember 5, 2007 (2007-11-05)

Synopsis edit

Gato Tuerto is a comedy that is nourished by what happens daily in a television station. Stories of love, healthy or alienated desire for success, professionalism, ego, in short a whole world as a novel in which tragicomedy abounds.

Cast edit

  • Sabrina Seara as María Amatista
  • Andres Scarioni as Daniel / El Gato
  • Alexandra Rodríguez as Sabrina
  • Ana Karina Casanova as La Gata
  • Willy Martín as Andy Bizot
  • Pastor Oviedo as Alejandro
  • Jamie Sasson as Victoria
  • Javier Valcárcel as Ignacio
  • Henry Zakka as César
  • Mariam Valero as Scarlett

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