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El estudiante de Salamanca

The Student of Salamanca (Spanish: El estudiante de Salamanca) is a work by Spanish Romantic poet José de Espronceda. It was published in fragments beginning in 1837; the complete poem was published in 1840 in the volume Poesías. Parts of it are poetry, other parts drama. It is a variation of the Don Juan legend, with its central character don Félix de Montemar playing the part of Don Juan.

El Estudiante de Salamanca
Author José de Espronceda
Country Spain
Language Spanish
Genre Romantic Poem
Publisher (copyright expired)
Publication date
Media type Print


Don Félix seduces Elvira, who dies of love for him after he leaves her. Her brother then comes to avenge her. Don Félix and the brother die in their duel. The work culminates in don Félix's descent into hell.

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(in Spanish) Full text of the work can be found here