El Rostro de Analía

El Rostro de Analía (Spanish pronunciation: [el ˈrostɾo ðe anaˈli.a]; The Face of Analía) is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the American-based television network NBC. It stars Elizabeth Gutiérrez, Martin Karpan, Maritza Rodríguez and Gabriel Porras, with the special appearance of Gaby Espino. Written by Venezuelan writer Humberto "Kiko" Olivieri, the story is loosely based on María, María which starred Alba Roversi and Mexican soap star Arturo Peniche in Venezuela, and was also written by Olivieri. The novela is directed by David Posada and Danny Gaviria; with Jairo Arcila as General Producer and Aurelio Valcárcel Carroll as Executive Producer. Although the novela was set in Los Angeles, NBC filmed the serial in Miami, Fl. Through editing it was made to appear as Los Angeles. The network debuted it on October 20, 2008 at the 9 pm (8 pm central) timeslot. NBC added English subtitles as closed captions on CC3 starting in March.

El Rostro de Analía
El rostro de analia poster 2008.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Created byHumberto "Kiko" Olivieri
Developed byTelemundo Studios, Miami
Written byHumberto "Kiko" Olivieri, Isamar Hernandez, Carolina Diaz, Alejandro Vergara
Directed byDavid Posada
Danny Gavidia
StarringElizabeth Gutiérrez
Martin Karpan
Maritza Rodríguez
Gabriel Porras
Karla Monroig
Zully Montero
Gaby Espino
Theme music composerJuan Carlos Rodriguez
Opening themeDoble Vida performed by Valerie Morales and Wahero
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes178
Executive producerAurelio Valcárcel Carroll
ProducerJairo Arcila
Production locationsMiami, Florida, Los Angeles, California
EditorHader Antivar Duque
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time42-45 minutes
Original networkTelemundo
Picture formatNTSC
Audio formatStereophonic sound
Original releaseOctober 20, 2008 (2008-10-20) –
July 16, 2009 (2009-07-16)
Preceded byEl Juramento
Followed byNiños Ricos, Pobres Padres

Elizabeth Gutiérrez plays both Mariana and Analía, being the protagonist. The male lead is portrayed by Martin Karpan, while the antagonists include Maritza Rodríguez, Gabriel Porras and Zully Montero. Other major characters are brought to life by Karla Monroig, Daniel Lugo, Ximena Duque, Pedro Moreno and Alejandro Chaban.


Mariana Montiel is a young and beautiful executive at the head of ANGEL'S, the executive airline founded by her father. She has been skilled and very shrewd in business but in love she is completely different, since she failed to protect one thing that she loves most: her own marriage. Since she met and fell in love with the good-looking and brilliant architect Daniel Montiel with whom she had a passionate affair that resulted beautiful Adriana, a baby who was a reason of two of them getting married. Marriage in its first phase was happy, Mariana gave all trust to her husband, helping company growth, but Daniel took the rise of his career to continue his single life quoted. Sarah, Mariana's beautiful and sexy cousin, who was always jealous of living in Mariana's shadow, took advantage of Daniel's opportunity, becoming his mistress. Sarah's life goal would be taking Mariana's company position in Angel's. Behind her sophisticated appearance hides an unscrupulous woman, who just wants to get money and power, so she becomes entangled in the affairs of the drug mafia and Ricky Montana, who seeks to use the image of the Airline to launder money. As Sarah's ambition has no limits, she plans to kill her with help of her accomplice Ricky Montana. Montana, as a way to test the loyalty of his lover Analía, who is in fact an undercover agent, orders her to kill Mariana. Analía accepts, but she has no intention to really kill her. Her life goal is to trap Montana, and put him on the electric chair, so she could revenge him for murdering the love of her life. That day, Mariana discovers her husband's infidelity and in a fit of madness and pain, she leaves her anniversary party. Analía gets into her car with the gun to allegedly kill her, but Mariana's car, which was broken, rolls of a cliff. Dr. Armando Rivera and his assistant sees a woman with burned skin and they run to help her. Dr. Armando finds a picture of Analía and decides to rebuild her face, using an experimental procedure of cloning, not knowing that the girl is actually Mariana. Everyone believes that Mariana no longer exists, and her husband and family are destroyed by that fact. Montana trusts Analía again, but he is devastated by the fact that she is not appearing. Armando finds out that Analía was a drug trafficker, stripper and that she was accused for murder, not knowing that she was actually undercover agent, so he decides not to tell her his real identity, because he doesn't know that the girl is Mariana. He calls her Ana, and he doesn't allow her to leave the house. One day she escapes and saves drowning child on the beach confronting her daughter and husband again, but Mariana in the body of Analía doesn't remember them. They fall in love again. Mariana Montiel returns home as her own daughter's nanny, but the criminal history of the true "Analía" will not allow her to be happy. She must live carrying forth the life and crimes of the woman whose face she carries − The Face of Analía.


Actor Character Description
Elizabeth Gutiérrez Ana Rivera (Mariana Montiel) / Ana Lucía "Analía" Moncada
  • Main Heroine. Daniel's wife, Adriana's mother; has an accident with Analía, is saved by Armando and is believed to be Analía, so Armando reconstructs her face after Analía's; Her memory is deleted and is forced to live behind the shadows of Analía's life
  • Secret agent of the Anti-Narcotic Agency; has an accident with Mariana, survives and is saved by Armando who will keep her and make experiments on her; she manages to escape and takes again the mission of capturing Montana; ends up with Mariana's original face; appears in the novela after 100 episodes (first seen in episode 1 and believed dead in the next episodes)
  • complementary roles: Analía's clone used by Marlene to save Mariana; disintegrates
Martin Karpan Daniel Montiel Main Hero. Mariana's husband, Adriana's father, in love with Mariana and Analía, Sarah's ex-lover
Maritza Rodríguez Sarah Andrade Main Villain. Mariana's cousin, Ricky's accomplice, Daniel's ex-lover, hates Mariana and Analía; dies by falling of a cliff in a car
Gabriel Porras Ricardo Rivera "Ricky Montana" Main Villain. Drug trafficker, Armando's step-son, obsessed with Analía; ends in a jail paralyzed
Antonio Muñoz (actor) Ricky Montana hitman He tries to kill Montana's lawyer (El Gordo) in a hotel
Karla Monroig Isabel Martínez Mariana's best friend, lawyer of the Andrade family, Adriana's godmother, was in love with Daniel, in love with Mauricio.
Zully Montero Carmen Rodríguez de Andrade "La Griega" Main Villain. Criminal, serial killer, Ernesto's wife, Sarah's aunt; killed by some patients
Elluz Peraza Olga Palacios Miguel and Mariana's mother, was in love with Ernesto, in love with Nelson
Flavio Caballero Capitan Nelson Lares Detective, in love with Olga
Flor Núñez Agustina Moncada Analía and Camila's mother, Olga's friend
Daniel Lugo Dr. Armando Rivera Scientist who accidentally puts Analía's face on Mariana (saved both their lives two times), Ricky's step-father, was in love with Analía and Mariana
Manolo Coego Celestino "El Gordo" Morales Camacho Villain. Ricky's lawyer; ends in a jail
Germán Barrios Ernesto Andrade Mariana and Miguel's father, Sarah's uncle, Carmen's husband, in love with Olga
Jorge Consejo Roberto Picano Dr. Armando's assistant, in love with Chanicua
Andrés García Jr. Padre Benito Santoya Priest, his mother was killed by Carmen
José Guillermo Cortines Mauricio Montiel Daniel's brother, was in love with Mariana, then in love with Isabel
Pedro Moreno Cristóbal Colon Lieutenant who works with Analía, in love with Camila
Evelin Santos Marlene Lesbian, was in love with Camila
Chela Arias Yoya Adriana's nanny; killed by Carmen
Alvaro Ruiz Nieves Chauffeur of the Andrade family, Ernesto's close friend
Gustavo Franco René Solaz Villain. Sarah's assistant and uncle; ends in a jail
Víctor Corona Alfonso Romero "Chino" Lupe's husband, Ricky's most loyal friend and follower, betrayed him; ends in a jail
Ana Gabriela Barboza Vicky Sarah's secretary, Miguel's secretary and best friend, intelligent hacker, in love with Miguel
Alejandro Chabán Miguel Palacios Olga and Ernesto's son, Mariana's brother, in love with Camila, Chanicua, and Vicky
Ximena Duque Camila Moncada Augustina's daughter, Analía's sister, Miguel's ex-wife, in love with Cristóbal, Cristóbal's wife
Jacqueline Márquez Chanicua Duarte Gangster, Pamela's daughter, Analía's friend, was in love with Miguel, then in love with Roberto
Angie Russian Jasmine Camila's best friend, betrays her by making love with Cristóbal
Daniela Nieves Adriana Montiel Mariana and Daniel's daughter
Gaby Espino Mariana Andrade de Montiel / Ana Lucía "Analía" Moncada Special Participation; appears as Mariana with the original face in the first episode and as Analía with the final face in the last episode


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