The Power of Darkness (1979 film)

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The Power of Darkness or El Poder de las tinieblas is a 1979 Argentine mystery-horror thriller film directed by Mario Sábato and starring Sergio Renán. It is based on the chapter named Informe sobre ciegos ("Report on the Blind"), from the novel On Heroes and Tombs, written by the father of the director, Ernesto Sábato.[1] It was nominated for Best Film at the International Fantasy Film Award Fantasporto in 1982.[2]

El Poder de las tinieblas
El Poder de las tinieblas.png
Directed byMario Sábato
Produced byPedro Pereyra
Screenplay byMario Sábato
Based onOn Heroes and Tombs
by Ernesto Sábato
StarringSergio Renán
Osvaldo Terranova
Christina Banegas
Leonor Benedetto
Aldo Barbero
Rodolfo Brindisi
Music byVíctor Proncet
CinematographyLeonardo Rodríguez Solí
Edited byRemo Charbonello
Release date
June 14, 1979

The film can be read as a clear metaphor for the State terrorism and violence produced by the dictatorship that ruled Argentina at that time, the self-titled National Reorganization Process (1976–1983).


A man (Renán) has discovered a global conspiracy made by blind people, but can not prove or convince others. So he decides to write a report for the record, in case something happens . The film takes place in dark places, during the night, such as subways and basements.



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