El Periódico de Catalunya

El Periódico de Catalunya, also simply known as El Periódico, is a morning daily newspaper based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

El Periódico de Catalunya
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Editorial Prensa Ibérica
Founder(s)Antonio Asensio Pizarro
EditorAlbert Sáez
Founded26 October 1978; 45 years ago (1978-10-26)
Political alignmentCentre-left
Social liberalism
LanguageSpanish and Catalan
HeadquartersL'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain
Circulation119,374 (2011)
Sister newspapersSport
WebsiteSpanish elperiodico.com
Catalan, elperiodico.cat

The paper publishes separate daily editions in Spanish and in Catalan.[1] The two editions combined sell more than 125,000 copies per day, making El Periódico the second highest-circulated newspaper in Spain's Catalan-speaking regions, behind La Vanguardia which also publishes in both languages. Nationally, El Periódico was Spain's fifth-highest circulation general-interest daily in 2011.[2]

History and profile


El Periódico was first published on 26 October 1978[3][4] by Antonio Asensio Pizarro[5] to offer a progressive Catalan paper connected to Catalan socialism. The first editor was Antonio Franco.[6] The paper has also center-left stance.[7] The paper was owned by Grupo Zeta,[8][9] which was purchased by Prensa Ibérica in May 2019.[10]

One of the most recent directors, Rafael Nadal, is the brother of the Catalan socialist leader Joaquim Nadal. Originally, El Periódico printed only in Spanish, but began a Catalan-language edition on 27 October 1997.[11] Today, the separate editions are distinguished by the red front-page nameplate on the Spanish version of El Periódico and the blue nameplate on the Catalan edition.

El Periódico is regarded as easier to read[citation needed] than its competitors and it is quite popular among working-class people.[citation needed] Following the example of USA Today, El Periódico later began to emphasize graphics and the use of color.[citation needed] Today, it prints every page in color and makes liberal use of charts and photos.


El Periódico

The circulation of El Periódico de Catalunya was 185,517 copies in 1993[12] and 193,576 copies in 1994.[13][14] Its circulation was 218,000 copies in 2000.[15] The paper had a circulation of 167,000 copies in 2003.[16][17] The 2008 circulation of the paper was 152,025 copies.[18] The paper had a circulation of 133,265 copies in 2009 and 133,035 copies in 2010.[18] It was 119,374 copies in 2011.[18]


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