El Habanero (newspaper)

El Habanero is a Cuban daily newspaper (except Monday). It is published in Spanish and is located in Havana. The name honors the homologous newspaper created and published in 1824-1826 by Felix Varela (1787-1853) a Cuban patriot, priest and writer.

El Habanero
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Available inSpanish
Current statusOnline

Current "El Habanero" was created in 1987[1] as the official newspaper of the La Habana province (19 municipalities surrounding Havana city). Starting from 2011 with the segmentation of La Habana Province into Artemisa and Mayabeque provinces, the printed version of "El Habanero" was closed and new newspapers were created: "El Artemiseño" and "Mayabeque", for each separate province.[2]


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