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El Economista (meaning The Economist in English) is a Spanish daily newspaper which focuses on economical, financial and business affairs. The daily is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.[1]

El Economista
TypeDaily newspaper
Founder(s)Alfonso de Salas, Juan Gonzales and Gregorio Pena
PublisherEditorial Ecoprensa, S.A.
Founded28 February 2006; 13 years ago (2006-02-28)
Circulation32,274 (2012)
WebsiteEl Economista Spanish version
El Economista English version


History and profileEdit

El Economista was first published on 28 February 2006,[2] being the fourth financial daily in Spain.[3][4] The founders of the daily are Alfonso de Salas, Juan Gonzales and Gregorio Pena who also launched El Mundo daily.[4][5] The Editorial Ecoprensa, S.A. is the publisher the daily[6][7] of which CEO is Salas.[4][8]

The paper's target audience include professional and modern readers and investors.[3] It advocates the free competition, female equality and transparency.[3] The daily is published in broadsheet format[9] and uses plain and easy-to-understand words while reporting complex economical and financial affairs in its four sections which have their own colors.[4] It does not employ standard pink paper generally used in financial dailies, instead it uses white paper and full color print.[4][6] The number of pages on weekdays is 36 whereas it is 64 during weekends.[4] Each Saturday the daily gives a supplement, El Especial, which provides analyses, reports and investigative articles.[4] In weekdays it also offers two distinct supplements.[4] On 31 March 2006 its website was launched[3] and the paper became the first Spanish financial daily to publish on Internet.[4] The daily later started an English website.[3]

El Economista was awarded the World’s Best Designed Newspaper™ for 2006 by the Society for News Design (SND).[1][10][11] In 2006 and in 2007, El Economista was named again by the SND as the best designed newspaper in Spain and Portugal.[4] For the period of 2006-2007, the World Association of Newspapers named the paper as one of the world’s ten best designed newspapers.[4]


The 2007 OJD certified circulation of El Economista was 26,155 copies.[4] In 2011, El Economista was the third daily in its category with a circulation of 23,000 copies.[5] Its circulation rose to 32,274 copies in 2012.[12]

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