El Bestial Sonido de Ricardo Ray y Bobby Cruz

El Bestial Sonido de Ricardo Ray y Bobby Cruz is an album released in 1971 by the salsa music duet Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz. Released at the height of their popularity, the album inaugurated a new era in salsa with the inauguration of a new Fania Records subsidiary: Vaya Records.[2] The album, notable for the inclusion of new elements into salsa such as classical music, was an international success, and its title track Sonido Bestial became one of salsa's most popular songs. The album consecrated Richie Ray as a prodigious pianist, capable of playing a fusion of several rhythms and styles.[3]

El Bestial Sonido de Ricardo Ray y Bobby Cruz
El Bestial Sonido De Ricardo Ray Y Bobby Cruz.jpg
Studio album by
Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz
RecordedOchoa Recording, San Juan, Puerto Rico
GenreSalsa Music[1]

Critical receptionEdit

Critic José A. Estévez, Jr. named the album "a staggering, spellbinding salsa experience" and "an absolute must-have." He also stated that the title track Sonido Bestial "remains one of the most remarkable (and recognizable) tunes of the salsa era".[2] Jaime Torres Torres praised Bobby Cruz vocal performance.[3]

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Allmusic     [2]

Track listingEdit

1."Sonido Bestial"R. Ray - B. Cruz6:45
2."Señora"Joan Manuel Serrat3:35
3."No Tin Pena"Rivero5:22
4."La Vimari"R. Ray - B. Cruz5:15
5."Guaguancó Triste"Rubén Blades5:20
6."Fire and Rain"James Taylor4:34
7."Cha Cha Huele Changó"Rosario4:30
8."Volver"Carlos Gardel/Alfredo Le Pera4:42


  • Ricardo Ray: piano, backing vocals and arrangements
  • Bobby Cruz: lead and backing vocals, and arrangements
  • Miki Vimari: lead and backing vocals
  • Ismael “Cocolía” Rodríguez: first trumpet
  • Ismael “Maelo” Rodríguez: second trumpet
  • Manolito González: bongó, cencerro and timbalitos
  • José “Mañengue” Hidalgo: congas
  • Charlie “El Pirata” Cotto: timbales
  • Mike “El Che” Amitin: bass guitar
  • Johnny Pacheco: Recording Director
  • Pedrito: Engineer
  • Fred Weinberg: Sound mix
  • Maurice Seymour: Cover Photograph
  • Izzy Sanabria: Cover design