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El Alia Cemetery (Arabic: مقبرة العالية‎) is a cemetery in a suburb of Algiers in the commune of Oued Smar in Algeria. The name "El Alia" means in Arabic which is high, but came from the surname of the donor of the land in 1928, Hamza El-Alia.[1]

El Alia Cemetery
Established 1928
Location Algiers
Country Algeria
Size 18 hectares (44 acres)

It comprises tombs of numerous Algerian notables and also has the graves of actors and actresses and other artists (opera singers, musicians, painters, sculptors, architects, writers, poets). It also includes the tombs of several scientists, academicians and sports people.

Allies militaries who died during the North African Campaign were also buried there, including men who were evacuated to Africa after being wounded during Operation Husky, and who died there.


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