Ekinchi (Khwarazm Shah)

Ekinchi ibn Qochar (d. 1097) was the Seljuk governor of Khwarazm briefly in 1097, bearing the traditional title of Khwarazmshah. Unlike the Khwarazmshahs that succeeded him, he was not a descendant of Anushtegin Gharchai.

Governor of Khwarazm
In office
Preceded byAnushtegin Gharchai
Succeeded byMuhammad I
Personal details

Following the death of Anushtegin, Ekinchi was given the position of Khwarazmshah by the Seljuk sultan Berkyaruq. After a short period of time, however, he was killed by several Seljuk amirs that had risen in revolt. After he died, he was replaced with Anushtegin's son, Qutb al-Din Muhammad.

Ekinchi literally means "farmer" or "ploughman" in Turkic languages.


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