Ekhane Aakash Neel Season 2

Ekhane Akash Neel 2 is a Bengali romantic medical drama series that aired on Star Jalsha and streamed on the digital platform Hotstar from September 23, 2019, to October 3, 2020.[1] It was a reboot of the popular show Ekhane Aakash Neel (2008-2010). Produced by Surinder Films, it starred Sean Banerjee as Dr. Ujaan Chatterjee and Anamika Chakraborty as Dr. Hiya Chatterjee (Hiya Mitra).

Ekhane Akash Neel 2
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Romamtic Drama

Created bySurinder Films
Written bySayantani Bhattacharya
Rupa Banerjee
Priyanka Seth
Directed bySimanto Banarjee
StarringSean Banerjee
Anamika Chakraborty
Voices ofUpali and Amit
Opening themeEkhane Aakash Neel by Monali Thakur
Country of originIndia
Original languageBengali
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes289
ProducersSurinder Singh
Nispal Singh
Production locationKolkata
CinematographyParitosh Singh
Running time22 minutes (approx.)
Production companySurinder Films
DistributorStar India
Novi Digital Entertainment
Original networkStar Jalsha.
Picture format576i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original releaseSeptember 23, 2019 (2019-09-23) –
October 3, 2020 (2020-10-03)
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The story follows oppositely-natured characters Dr. Ujaan Chatterjee, one of the five best heart surgeons in the world, and Hiya Mitra, an aspiring doctor. Ujaan is ill-tempered and solely focused on work and does not believe in love, while Hiya is outgoing and compassionate and believes in love. Initially, Hiya comes to Kolkata to attend a high-ranking medical college. The college was a part of Tulip Hospital, owned by Ujaan's father, Dr. Samaresh Chatterjee. However, unable to pay the high fees, Hiya returns to her home village. Still passionate about helping people, Hiya begins working at a health camp in the village.

At the health camp, Hiya encounters Dr. Samaresh Chatterjee, who was suffering from longstanding knee pain. Hiya volunteers to cure Samaresh pain with Ayurvedic treatment. Intrigued by Hiya's enthusiasm, Dr. Chatterjee invites her to his home in Kolkata for his treatment. There, Hiya is delighted to meet Dr. Ujaan Chatterjee and immediately idolizes him as her "guru," or greatest teacher. Ujaan, on the contrary, is disgusted to encounter such a talkative, interfering girl.

After some time, Ujaan and Hiya become close, and Ujaan begins to feel destined to be with Hiya. However, Ujaan refuses to acknowledge this, as when he was a child, his father abandoned his mother, Basobi Chatterjee, and remarried Meenakshi. Growing up, Ujaan had to live separated from his mother, with the assumed identity of his father's adopted child. This greatly pained Ujaan, but he never exposed his feelings. Hiya becomes aware of this and tries to bring his mother back to him. Just as Ujaan is ready to express his true feelings for Hiya, she leaves him saying that she had never loved him. However, the truth is that she had incurable heart disease and believed Ujaan would not be able to bear this news.

Ujaan is heartbroken. At this time, Dr. Jhinuk Sen enters Tulip Hospital. She had escaped from her psychologically abusive fiancé along with his daughter Ollie, from his first wife.

Ujaan develops a bond with Oli after learning about her father's abusive nature, so he enters into a fake marriage arrangement with Jhinuk Sen for six months to protect her.

Hiya again encounters Ujaan at Tulip in spite of trying hard not to meet him. They get married and Ujaan successfully operates on Hiya, curing her of heart disease. Jhinuk Sen is acting like a psychopath because of Bihaan's wrong medicine but later she intentionally tries to separate Hiya from Ujaan's life and get permanent entry into his life. Even she tries to kill Hiya. A few days later, they reveal their marriage to everyone. Meanwhile, Ujaan's younger stepbrother Bihaan kills Dr. Jhinuk Sen whom he had mistaken for Hiya and drugged. Bihaan is arrested along with Meenakshi who had made several attempts in the past to harm Hiya. Nilima, who had earlier intended to marry Ujaan and had tried to destroy Hiya and Ujaan's relationship, becomes friendly. A few years later, Hiya becomes a doctor at Tulip Hospital. The season concludes as Hiya and Ujaan welcome their new daughter, Hiyaan.



  • Sean Banerjee as Dr. Ujaan Chatterjee (aka Raja) – a heart surgeon, Hiya's husband. Hiyaan's father. Dr. Samaresh and Basobi's son. Bihaan, Pablo, and Jinia's half-brother.
  • Anamika Chakraborty as Dr. Hiya Chatterjee (Hiya Mitra) – a practicing Dr. at Tulip Hospital. Ujaan's wife, Hiyaan's mother. Bikash Mitra's daughter. Bulbuli's elder half sister.


  • Ananda Ghosh as Abhrajeet Sen (aka Dodo) - a rich businessman. Hiya's childhood best friend and ex-fiancé.
  • Sudipa Basu as Gayatri Chatterjee – Samaresh's mother, Ujaan's grandmother.
  • Phalguni Chatterjee as Hiya's paternal uncle, an ayurvedic practitioner.
  • Biplab Banerjee as Bikash Mitra – Hiya's father.
  • Koushik Chakraborty as Samaresh Chatterjee – Ujaan's father, 51% owner of Tulip Medical Hospital, and Hiya's father-in-law.
  • Sujata Dawn as Meenakshi Chatterjee – Samaresh's second wife, Ujaan's step/adoptive mother.
  • Sudip Sarkar as Bihaan Chatterjee – Samaresh and Meenakshi's elder son, Ujaan's younger stepbrother.
  • Satyam Bhattacharya as Rehaan Chatterjee aka Pablo – Samaresh and Meenakshi's youngest son, Ujaan's youngest stepbrother.
  • Rupsha Mondal as Jinia Chatterjee – Samaresh and Meenakshi's daughter, Ujaan's younger stepsister
  • Chandni Saha as Dr Nilima Deboroy – Dr. Ujaan Chatterjee's family friend and a doctor in Tulip, Bihaan's love interest.
  • Kanyakumari Mukherjee as Dr. Parama Goswami.
  • Aditi Chatterjee as Basobi Chatterjee – Samaresh's first wife, Ujaan's biological mother, Hiya's mother-in-law.
  • Nisha Poddar as Bulbuli Mitra – Hiya's younger sister.
  • Sanchita Bhattacharya as Meera the matron (chief nurse) of Tulip Medical Hospital.
  • Suman Banerjee as Dr. Sarkar.
  • Jayasree Mukherjee as Nilima's mother.
  • Ayendri Lavnia Roy as Doctor Sunayna.
  • Kuyasha Biswas as Ayesha (aka Ash) - a medical student.
  • Promita Chakraborty as Dr. Jhinuk Sen - Oli's adoptive mother, Raktim's ex-fiancee, Ujaan's fake wife, Acting like psychopath but true villian in Hiya and Ujaan's life.
  • Fahim Mirza as Raktim Bose/Mainak - Jhinuk's ex-fiancee, Oli's father, Jinia's fake friend, a psychopath.


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