Eivin One Pedersen

Eivin One Pedersen (8 September 1956 – 22 February 2012)[1] was a Norwegian jazz musician (accordion and piano) from Stavanger, Norway.

Eivin One Pedersen
Born(1956-09-08)8 September 1956
Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway
Died22 February 2012(2012-02-22) (aged 55)
Stavanger, Rogaland
Occupation(s)Musician, band leader
InstrumentsAccordion, piano


One Pedersen played in the trio Detail, together with Frode Gjerstad (saxophone) and John Stevens (drums) from 1981, and released several albums on the free jazz company Circulasione Totale. Here he also published his own debut album Solo mio! (1981). In 1984 he released the album I 1984 utga han platen Keep Nose in Front, with his former group, Aha! The band name created confusion when another famous pop trio debuting with the same name almost at the same time. Later they changed the name to Extended Noise in 1986 and released several albums.[2] Another project was the band Calling Signals, where he collaborated with Paal Nilssen-Love (drums), Frode Gjerstad (saxophone) and Nick Stephens (bass).[1]

One Pedersen plsyed with Terje Isungset on his performance at Vossajazz 2003. He released a duo album with Katja Medbøe, Ett bein på jorda, ett i himmelen – helt korrekt (1992), with poems by Rolf Jacobsen,[2] and performed with Erik Balke (1996). More recently, he played on the debut album Heaveny attack (2004) by Randi Tytingvåg, as well as Villhund (2006) by Elin Furubotn.[1]

Otherwise, he has been a member of the expert jury for Melodi Grand Prix 1979, lead the Association Norwegian jazz musicians some time, and composed commissioned work Ein med alt for the MaiJazz 1996.[1]


His own projectsEdit

Solo albums
  • 1984: Solo mio! (Loose Torque)
With A-Ha/Extended Noise
Duo with Katja Medbøe
With Calling Signals
  • 1998: Calling Signals (Loose Torque)
  • 2002: Dreams in Dreams (FMR Records)
  • 2005: Live in the UK (FMR Records)
  • 2009: From Cafe Oto (Loose Torque)
  • 2011: From Cafe Sting (Loose Torque)
  • 2011: A Winter's Tour (Loose Torque)


With Ciwan Haco
  • 1994: Dûrî (Ses)
With Morten Abel
  • 2003: Being Everything, Knowing Nothing (Virgin, EMI Music)
With Frode Gjerstad & Kevin Norton
  • 2006: The Walk (FMR Records)


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