Einarr Helgason

Einarr Helgason or Einarr skálaglamm was a 10th-century Icelandic skald. He was a court poet of Lord Hákon to whom he dedicated his magnum opus, the Vellekla (Gold Dearth). Einarr's added name skálaglamm means "Bowl tinkle" and refers to a set of balances and weights with divinatory powers, given to him by Hákon.

Viking Age scales

The part of Einarr's poetry that has come down to us is preserved in the Kings' sagas, the Prose Edda, Egils saga and Jómsvíkinga saga. According to Egils saga, Einarr was a friend of Egill Skalla-Grímsson and once gave him a decorated shield which he had received in Norway. Egill was greatly displeased since tradition compelled him to compose a drápa on the shield.

According to Landnámabók and other sources, Einarr drowned in Breiðafjörður.