Eierpunsch (literally "egg punch") is the German name given to a warm, sweetened alcoholic, egg-based drink similar to egg nog. It is commonly a winter drink and can be found served in the popular Christmas markets of Germany and Austria. Eierpunsch is made with egg yolks, sugar, white wine and vanilla. Sometimes cream or custard can be added.

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  • Advocaat – Dutch alcoholic beverage featuring eggs
  • Coquito – Puerto Rican rum and coconut milk cocktail
  • Eggnog – Sweetened dairy-based beverage
  • Kogel mogel – An egg-based homemade dessert
  • Ponche crema – A cream liqueur from Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago
  • Rompope – Eggnog-like drink from Latin America
  • Zabaione, also known as Zabaglione – Italian dessert made with egg, sugar, and wine