EidosMedia S.p.A. is a publishing software company. Established in 1999, the company maintains headquarters in Milan, Italy with offices in London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and São Paulo.

EidosMedia S.p.A.
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EidosMedia's flagship product is Méthode, a content management system for multimedia publishing. It is based on the XML markup language.[1]


EidosMedia was founded in 1999.


Early customers were Il Sole 24 Ore, RCS MediaGroup and Adnkronos in Italy.[2]

The first international company to purchase Méthode in 2002 was the Financial Times of London.[3]

Current customers include The Wall Street Journal,[4] The Washington Post,[5][6] and The Boston Globe, [7][8] The Financial Times, The Times and Le Figaro, Les Échos and Le Monde,[9] as well as national and regional publishing groups in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia-Pacific.[10]


User reaction to Méthode software has been both critical and favorable.

The Washington Post ombudsman reported that the paper's transition to Méthode was particularly difficult. "Every newsroom employee is struggling with it, not just the tech people." [11] When award winning journalist James V. Grimaldi left the Washington Post, he said in his farewell note that he "loved every minute of it," except Méthode. His subject line - "Méthode is frozen" - referencing a common problem with the program.[12] Other Washington Post users referred to it as the "universally despised new CMS" [13] The Washington Post has begun replacing Méthode with its own custom-built software.[14]

Similarly, the Boston Globe initially struggled with the program. In 2012, then managing editor Caleb Solomon reported that journalists at the paper were at a "boiling point" over glitches with the software.[15] In October 2015, the Boston Globe's parent company announced plans to start gradually transitioning from Méthode to WordPress.[16]

NewsCorp employees have also repeatedly raised complaints about the program.[17][18] Still, News Corp has continued to expand the use of Méthode to other publications [19]

Favorable reactions include those of the London Financial Times,[20] Italian daily La Stampa[21] and Belgian media group Mediahuis[22] where the publishing companies have expressed satisfaction with the greater speed and flexibility of their systems following implementation.


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