Egi Kazuyuki

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Egi Kazuyuki (May 21, 1853 – August 23, 1932) was a Japanese politician who served as governor of Hiroshima Prefecture in 1898–1903. He was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. He was also governor of Ibaraki Prefecture (1896–1897), Tochigi Prefecture (1897), Aichi Prefecture (1897–1898) and Kumamoto Prefecture (1903–1907). He was a recipient of the Order of the Rising Sun (4th class, 1896; 2nd class, 1902; 1st class, 1906) and the Order of the Sacred Treasure (4th class, 1895; 3rd class, 1899) as well as being a member of the French Legion of Honour (joined 1901).

Preceded by Governor of Ibaraki Prefecture
Succeeded by
Motohiro Onoda
Preceded by
Sato Nobu
Governor of Tochigi Prefecture
Succeeded by
Sento Kiyoshi
Preceded by
Tokito Tanemoto
Governor of Aichi Prefecture
Succeeded by
Mori Mamoru
Preceded by Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Tokuhisa Tsunenori
Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture
Succeeded by
Nori Oshikawa