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Effets de soir (also called effets de soir et de matin)[1] are the effects of light caused by the sunset, twilight, or darkness of the early evening or matins. They appear frequently in works by such painters as Vincent van Gogh,[2] Bernhard Fries,[1] Armand Guillaumin,[3] and Camille Corot.[4][5] Literally, it means "effects of evening" in French.

This was part of a group of techniques used by Impressionists such as impasto, en plein air, color theory, and thick strokes of oil paint on canvas.

In 2008, the Museum of Modern Art curated a major exhibit of van Gogh's work of effets de soir.[2][6][7][8][9] The exhibit included such iconic paintings as The Potato Eaters, The Sower (Van Gogh), Starry Night Over the Rhone[10]The Starry Night, and The Night Cafe.[2][6]

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All of the following are by Vincent van Gogh, unless otherwise noted:


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