Edwin L. Marin

Edwin L. Marin (February 21, 1899 – May 2, 1951) was an American film director who directed 58 films between 1932 and 1951, working with Randolph Scott, Anna May Wong, John Wayne, Peter Lorre, George Raft, Bela Lugosi, Judy Garland, Eddie Cantor, and Hoagy Carmichael, among many others.

Edwin Lee Marin
Edwin L. Marin-Elisabeth Bergner in Paris Calling.jpg
Edwin L. Marin and Elisabeth Bergner in Paris Calling (1941)
Born(1899-02-21)February 21, 1899
DiedMay 2, 1951(1951-05-02) (aged 52)
OccupationFilm director
Years active1932–1951
Spouse(s)Ann Morriss


Marin was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, and died in Los Angeles, California. He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and broke into the industry as an assistant director at Paramount-Famous Players Studio on Long Island. He came to Hollywood in 1926 and worked as an assistant director at First National. He started directing in 1932 for Universal.[1]

He was under contract to MGM from 1934 to 1941. In December 1940 he married Ann Morriss, an actress under contract to MGM.[2] In November 1944 he signed a contract with RKO to make two films a year for two years starting with Johnny Angel with George Raft. It was a hit.

When he died he was under contract to Warner Bros. He died in Cedars Lebannon after a three week illness, aged 52 years old.[3]

He was married to actress Ann Morriss. They had three children: Denis Anthony, Reese Andrew and Randi Alexandra. He was survived by his wife and children, his father, two brothers and two sisters.[1]

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