Edward Ou (Chinese: 歐定興; pinyin: ōu dìng xīng) was born on 16 October 1980 in Taiwan. He is a Taiwanese actor and TV host. He graduated from Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School in 1998.

Edward Ou
Born (1980-10-16) 16 October 1980 (age 41)
Years active2001–2005

Ou is junior to other Taiwanese entertainers such as Barbie Shu, whom he co-starred with in the Meteor Garden series,[1][2] and Dee Shu; and senior to Alien Huang, Rainie Yang, Genie Chuo and Cyndi Wang. He and Show Luo are disciples as TV hosts to Hu Gua.


TV SeriesEdit

Year English title Chinese title Role
2001 Meteor Garden 流星花園 Chen Qing He (陳青和)
Poor Prince 貧窮貴公子 次郎
Peach Girl 蜜桃女孩 OD
2002 Meteor Garden II 流星花園 II Chen Qing He (陳青和)
Come to My Place 來我家吧 荒木
2003 The Original Scent of Summer 原味的夏天 楊鐵生
2004 Say Yes Enterprise 求婚事務所 Chapter four: Graduate 地獄拉麵

Soundtrack contributionEdit

  • 2002 – "Close To You" – Meteor Garden II Original Soundtrack[3]

TV HostEdit


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