Edward Boehmer

Edward Boehmer (1861–1940) was an American-born, London-based architect.

Edward Boehmer

Early lifeEdit

Edward Boehmer was born in 1861 in Pennsylvania, United States.[1] He was educated in Stuttgart, Germany.[1]


Deutsche Evangelische Christuskirche in 2015.

Boehmer co-founded an architectural firm with Percy Christian Gibbs in 1889.[1] Together, they designed Harley House on Marylebone Road in Marylebone in 1904.[1] They also designed Cavendish Mansions in West Hampstead, and the Lissenden Gardens mansion estate.[2][3] They designed Portland Court, located at 160–200 Great Portland Street in Fitzrovia, from 1904 to 1912.[1] Meanwhile, they designed 80 Portland Place in 1909.[1]

With Charles G. F. Rees, Boehmer designed the Deutsche Evangelische Christuskirche in Knightsbridge in 1904-1905.[4]


Boehmer died in 1940.[1]


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