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Eduardo and His Brazilian Aeroplane

Eduardo Domingues de Jesus founded the band which his friends started calling by the name Eduardo and His Brazilian Aeroplane, focusing on Chorinho and Velha Guarda music style and performing in bars and night clubs of a traditional suburb of São Paulo called Bexiga.

The new album "Simetria: Bo Kasper in Brazil" has been released 15 November 2010, on the same day that Eduardo Domingues de Jesus was performing with the Swedish band Bo Kaspers Orkester on their New Orleans tour in Helsinki concert at the Finlandia house.

During the launch, on 29 November 2010 the Brazilian Aeroplane scored 1st position on the top ten at the Apple's iTunes list for Jazz in Finland. The band is touring Scandinavia in 2011, aiming for a Brazil release in 2012.



Eduardo and His Brazilian AeroplaneEdit

  • Telepatia: J. Karjalainen music in Brazil (2003)
  • Simetria – Bo Kasper in Brazil (2010)
  • Capoeira, Bola & Areia (2002)
  • Botão com âncora (1998), sisältää myös laulun Selvagens Lupinéias
  • Zero e um (2010)

Other recordingsEdit

  • Live at Ribs (2000), sis. Bossa do Jukka, Cinderela impaciente (Levoton tuhkimo), Heróis (Sankarit)


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