Eduardo Casey

Eduardo Casey was an Argentine born of Irish parents in 1847 in Buenos Aires.[1] In 1880 he purchased 1,700 square miles (4,400 km2) of land in Santa Fe Province and founded there the present-day city of Venado Tuerto, named after a one-eyed deer that alerted early settlers to attacks by local Indians. He also helped in the founding and funding of the Argentine town of Pigüé, Saavedra in 1884.[2]

Eduardo Casey
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Personal details
Lobos, Buenos Aires,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

He was born in Lobos, Province of Buenos Aires, the son of Lawrence Casey, born in Westmeath, and Mary O'Neill, of Wicklow.[3] He was married to María Inés Gahan, daughter of John Gahan and Mary Devitt, belonging to a family of Irish Catholics.[4]


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