Edo State

Edo State is one of the 36 states of Nigeria, located in the southern region of the country.[4] As of 2006 National population census, the state was ranked as the 24th populated state (3, 233, 366) in Nigeria.[5] The state's capital and city, Benin City, is the fourth largest city in Nigeria, and the centre of the country's rubber industry.[6][7] Created in 1991 from the former Bendel State, Edo State borders Kogi State to the northeast, Anambra State to the east, Delta State to the southeast, and Ondo State to the west.[8]

Auchi central mosque.jpg
Location of Edo State in Nigeria
Location of Edo State in Nigeria
Coordinates: 6°30′N 6°00′E / 6.500°N 6.000°E / 6.500; 6.000Coordinates: 6°30′N 6°00′E / 6.500°N 6.000°E / 6.500; 6.000
Date created27 August 1991
CapitalBenin City
 • Governor
Godwin Obaseki (PDP)
 • Deputy GovernorPhilip Shaibu
 • Senators
 • Total17,802 km2 (6,873 sq mi)
Area rank22nd of 36
 (2006 census)
 • Total3,233,366[1]
 • Rank27th of 36
Demonym(s)Edos or Idar
 • Year2007
 • Total$11.89 billion[2]
 • Per capita$3,623[2]
Time zoneUTC+01 (WAT)
postal code
Dialing Code+234
ISO 3166 codeNG-ED
HDI (2018)0.622[3]
medium · 12th of 37

The modern borders of Edo State encompass regions that were formerly the site of various empires and kingdoms. Formed in the 11th century AD, the Benin Empire.[9] The ancient city of Edo, the site of modern-day Benin City, was home to some of the earthworks in the world.[10] In 1897, the British Empire conducted a punitive expedition of the region, destroying most of the ancient city of Edo and incorporating the territory into what would become the Southern Nigeria Protectorate.[11][12]

Edo State is a diverse state that is predominantly inhabited by the Edoid peoples, including the Edo (or Bini),[13] Esan, Owan and Afemai peoples.[14] The most common Edoid language spoken is the Edo language, which is commonly spoken in Benin City.[15] First introduced to the region by Portuguese missionaries during the 15th century, Christianity is the dominant religion in Edo State with also a sizable number of Muslims though traditional religions are also practised.[16]


The Mid-Western Region was a division of Nigeria from 1963 to 1991, formally known as Bendel state from 1976. It was formed in June 1963 from Benin and Delta provinces of the Western Region, and its capital was Benin City.[17] It was renamed a province in 1966, and in 1967 when the other provinces were split up into several states, it remained territorially intact, becoming a state.[18]

During the Nigerian Civil War, the Biafran forces invaded the new Mid-Western state, en route to Lagos, in an attempt to force a quick end to the war. While under Biafran occupation, the state was declared as the “Republic of Benin” as Nigerian forces were to retake the region.[19] The republic collapsed a day after the declaration as Nigerian troops overtook Benin City. Edo State was established on 27 August 1991 when Bendel State was split into Edo and Delta States.[20]


With Benin City as capital, the population of the entire state is approximately 8 million.[21] It is made up of four major ethnic groups; namely Edo (Binis), Owan, Esan and Afemai (Etsako & Akoko Edo). However the State has a high presence of residents from across the country and the world because of its cosmopolitan tendencies. Benin City has a history of being one of the foremost destinations of Europeans during their exploration of Africa continent many centuries ago. Some of these flash points have remained enviable tourists’ attraction for the state.[22]


The main ethnic groups in Edo State are Binis, Etsako, Esans, Owans and Akoko Edos.[23] Virtually all the groups traced their origin to Benin City hence the dialects of the groups vary with their distance from Benin City. The Bini speaking people who occupy seven out of the 18 Local Government Areas of the state constitute 57.54%; while others are as follow: Esan (17.14%), Etsako (12.19%), Owan (7.43%), and Akoko Edo (5.70%).[24] However, the Igbira speaking communities exist in Akoko Edo, Itsekiri communities in Ikpoba-Okha, as well as Ijaw Izons, Urhobos in Ovia North East and South West Local Government Areas especially in the borderlands. Also, Igbo speaking communities exist in Igbanke(Ika) in Orhionmwon LGA.[25]


Name Title Took office Left office Party Notes
Colonel John Ewerekumoh Yeri Governor August 1990 January 1992 (Military)
John E.K. Odigie Oyegun Governor January 1992 November 1993 SDP
Colonel Mohammed Abul-Salam Onuka Administrator 9 December 1993 14 September 1994 (Military)
Colonel Bassey Asuquo Administrator 14 September 1994 22 August 1996 (Military)
Group Captain Baba Adamu Iyam Administrator 22 August 1996 7 August 1998 (Military)
Navy Captain Anthony Onyearugbulem Administrator 7 August 1998 29 May 1999 (Military)
Chief Lucky Igbinedion Governor 29 May 1999 29 May 2007 PDP
Professor Oserheimen Osunbor Governor 29 May 2007 12 November 2008 PDP Removed by court judgment invalidating his election
Comrade Adams A. Oshiomhole Governor 12 November 2008 12 November 2016 AC which later merged with some other political parties to become APC (All Progressive Congress) in 2013
Godwin Obaseki Governor 12 November 2016 present APC then decamped to the PDP on 19 June 2020 to seek re-election[26] Reelcted 20 September 2020.[27]
Ososo Hills

Local Government AreasEdit

Edo State consists of eighteen (18) Local Government Areas. They are:

Edo State House Of Assembly (Fifth Assembly) Division List, 2013Edit

Edo State House Of Assembly Division List 2013, consists of twenty-four (24) divisions:[28]


English is the official language of the state. The major tribal languages spoken in the state are Edo language, Igarra, Etsako/Afemai, Esan and Okpamheri.[29] Edo State is home to several ethnicities, among them the Edo, Okpe, Esan, Afemai/Etsako, Ora, Akoko-Edo, Igbanke, Emai.[30][31]

Areal view of the ancient city of Benin

Languages of Edo State listed by LGA:[32]

LGA Languages
Akoko-Edo Aduge; Akuku; Ebira; Enwan; Igwe; Ikpeshi; Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe; Oko-Eni-Osayen; Okpamheri; Okpe; Oloma; Ososo; Sasaru; Ukaan; Uneme
Esan Central Esan
Esan North East Esan
Esan South East Esan
Esan West Esan
Etsako Ivbie North-Okpela-Arhe; Uneme
Etsako Central Etsako
Etsako East Etsako
Etsako West Etsako
Igueben Esan
Ikpoba-Okha Edo, Itsekiri
Oredo Edo
Orhionmwon Edo; Ika;
Ovia North East Edo
Ovia South West Edo
Owan East Emai-Iuleha-Ora; Ghotuo; Idesa; Ihievbe
Owan West Emai - Iuleha, Ora
Uhunmwonde Edo


Tourist attractions in Edo State include the Emotan Statue in Benin City, Ise Lake and River Niger Beach in Agenebode, Etsako-East; Mike Akhigbe Square at fugar, Ambrose Alli Square, Ekpoma, River Niger Beaches at Ilushi, BFFM Building at Ewu, Igun street, College of Agriculture and Aqua Culture Technology, Agenebode, Okpekpe with its hills and scenes and the Usomege Hills at Apana-Uzairue, Somorika hills in Akoko Edo, where a government-run tourist center at Ososo is set among spectacular scenery.[33][34] The state produces crude oil.[35] and other mineral resources like limestone and quarry.


Notable tertiary learning institutions in Edo state include:


List of Edo State Medical zones and associated local government areas.[28]

Medical Zone Local Government Name Of Hospital Medical Zone Local Government Name Of Hospital Medical Zone Local Government Name Of Hospital
Abudu Orhionmwon General Hospital, Abudu[50] Benin Oredo Central Hospital B/City[51] Igarra Akoko Edo General Hospital, Igarra
Abudu Orhionmwon General Hospital, Igbanke[52] Benin Oredo Cottage. Hospital Obayantor[53][54] Igarra Akoko Edo Government Hospital, Ibillo
Abudu Orhionmwon General Hospital, Uronigbe[55] Benin Oredo Stella Obasanjo Hospital[56][57][58] Etete Layout Road, Benin City Dist. Hospital, Uneme-Osu
Abudu Orhionmwon Cot. Hospital Oben Ekpoma Esan West General Hospital, Ekpoma[59] Iguobazuwa Ovia South West General Hospital. Iguobazuwa
Abudu Orhionmwon Cot. Hospital Egbokor Ekpoma Esan West General Hospital, Iruekpen Iguobazuwa Ovia South West Government Hospital Usen
Abudu Uhunmwode Dist. Hospital, Egba Ekpoma Esan Central Dist. Hospital, Usugbenu Iguobazuwa Ovia North East Dist. Hospital, Ekiadolor
Afuze Owan East General Hospital, Afuze[60] Ekpoma Esan Central Dist. Hospital, Ewu Ossiomo Leprosy Clinic in All L.G.A Specislist Hospital, Ossiomo
Afuze Owan East Dist. Hospital, Otuo Fugar Etsako East General Hospital, Fugar Ubiaja Esan South West General Hospital, Ubiaja
Afuze Owan West General Hospital, Sabogida Ora[61] Fugar Etsako East General Hospital, Agenebode Ubiaja Esan South West Dist. Hospital, Ewohimi
Afuze Owan West Dist. Hospital, Uzebba Fugar Etsako East Dist. Hospital, Apana Ubiaja Igueben Government Hospital, Igueben
Auchi Estako West Central. Hospital, Auchi[62] Fugar Etsako West Government Hospital, Agbede Uromi Esan North East Central Hospital Uromi

Notable peopleEdit


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