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Edit Perényi-Weckinger (5 May 1923 – 1 February 2019)[1] was a Hungarian gymnast who competed in the 1948 Summer Olympics and in the 1952 Summer Olympics. She was born in Kispest.

Olympic medal record
Women's gymnastics
Representing  Hungary
Silver medal – second place 1948 London Team
Silver medal – second place 1952 Helsinki Team
Bronze medal – third place 1952 Helsinki Team Portable Apparatus

Early lifeEdit

At the London Olympics in 1948, she won silver in the team competition, after the Czechs and ahead of the Americans. In 1952, she participated in the JJ. OO in Helsinki, winning the silver medal in the team competition - after the Soviets and ahead of the Czechoslovakia - and the bronze in the team competition with equipment (a modality similar to the current rhythmic gymnastics), being located in the podium after the Swedes and the Soviets.[citation needed]