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Edgar "Vovô" Pereira (born May 13, 1982), also known as "Edgar Vovô" is a Brazilian professional skateboarder. [1]

Edgard "Vovô" Pereira
Edgard Pereira wins bronze 2014 X Games.png
Personal information
Nickname(s)Vovô (Grandpa)
BornMay 13th 1982

Early lifeEdit

Edgard was introduced to skateboarding while working as a motorcycle courier in São Bernardo do Campo in 1998. Initially focused on street style riding, Edgard was introduced to mini-ramp skateboarding in 1999 by "the crowd" a group of skateboarders in the Jordanopolis neighborhood. Transition style skateboarding quickly became Edgard's passion, and he began competing in Vert skateboarding contests in Brazil.


Edgard Pereira is most known for his competition in Mega Ramp contests. In 2010 he was invited to his first X Games and placed 6th. The following year, 2011, Edgard finished 3rd place at X Games Big Air, solidifying his place as a top rider. During next years he was invited to participate at X Games around the world and is always a top finisher. In 2014 Vovo achieved 3rd-place finishes in both the Brazilian Skate Circuit Vertical and X Games Austin Big Air where his run consisted of a backflip and a huge backside 540 heelflip flip; a never before seen trick.

Contest historyEdit

  • 7th in 2015 X Games Austin, Big Air
  • 3rd in 2014 X Games Austin, Big Air
  • 3rd in 2014 Brazilian Skate Circuit, Vertical
  • 5th in 2013 X Games Los Angeles, Big Air
  • 6th in 2013 X Games Munich, Big Air
  • 7th in 2013 X Games Barcelona, Big Air
  • 5th in 2013 X Games Foz do Iguaçu, Big Air
  • 6th in 2013 Copa Brasil de Skate, Vertical
  • 8th in 2012 X Games Los Angeles, Big Air
  • 4th in 2012 Circuito Brasileio de Skate, Vertical
  • 3rd in 2011 X Games, Big Air
  • 6th in 2010 X Games, Big Air
  • 2nd in 2010 Circuito Brasileio de Skate, Vertical
  • 5th in 2009 X Games, Big Air
  • 9th in 2008 X Games, Big Air
  • 8th in 2008 OI Vert Jam, Vertical
  • 6th in 2007 Rio Vert Jam, Vertical
  • 5th in 2006 Rio Vert Jam, Vertical
  • 4th in 2005 X Games Brasil, Vertical
  • 1st in 2003 Skate Vertical Amador
  • 1st in 2002 Skate Vertical Amador


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