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Edward "Eddie" Valiant is the main protagonist of the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, and the film adaptation, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Eddie Valiant
Who Censored Roger Rabbit?/Who Framed Roger Rabbit character
Bob Hoskins as Eddie Valiant in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
First appearanceWho Censored Roger Rabbit?
Created byGary K. Wolf
Jeffrey Price
Peter Seaman
Portrayed byBob Hoskins
FamilyTheodore "Teddy" Valiant (deceased twin brother)
Barnum and Bailey circus clown (parents)
Significant otherDolores

Who Censored Roger Rabbit?Edit

In the original novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit?, Eddie Valiant is a fictional Los Angeles-based private detective hired by comic book star Roger Rabbit to investigate the workings of Roger's corrupt employers, the DeGreasy Brothers. When Roger is found dead, and his final words having been censored out, Valiant is soon sent on the case of tracking Roger's murderers. This original incarnation of Eddie is a heavy smoker and has a beard as well as being more muscular and chiseled featured than he appears in the film.

Who Framed Roger RabbitEdit

The 1988 film gives insight into the character, as portrayed by Bob Hoskins. Pictures and newspaper clippings in his office reveal that he and his brother Theodore ("Teddy" for short) were sons of a circus clown; they joined the police force in 1925 and started their own private investigation service in 1938. The brothers quickly established a reputation for rescuing Toons in trouble, such as solving the kidnapping of Donald Duck's nephews and clearing Goofy of espionage charges. In 1942, while they were investigating a robbery in Toontown, an unknown assailant (later revealed to be Judge Doom) dropped a piano on them. Eddie survived but broke his arm, however Teddy was killed instantly. The tragedy left Eddie with a hatred for Toons, his business collapsed, and he became an alcoholic suffering from PTSD and depression. Eddie began living in the office he and Teddy had shared and left Teddy's desk as a memorial to him, refusing to dust it or let anyone sit in its chair.

In 1947, R.K. Maroon, head of the Maroon Cartoons studio, hires Valiant to photograph Jessica Rabbit, Roger's wife; she is literally "playing pattycake" with Marvin Acme, owner of Toontown and founder of the Acme Corporation. When Acme is murdered and Roger becomes the prime suspect, Valiant teams up with Roger to expose the culprit. Maroon is subsequently killed, and Valiant discovers that Doom is responsible for not only these two deaths, but Teddy's as well. He defeats Doom at Acme's warehouse, finds Acme's lost will that bequeaths Toontown to the Toons, and ends lives happily-ever-after, having achieved closure on his brother's death.

Appearances in other mediaEdit

In the graphic novel of the film published in 1989 by Marvel Comics, Valiant is the narrator of the story, telling the film through his eyes and in the style of a detective story. According to Roger Rabbit: The Resurrection of Doom, Valiant eats jellybeans to cope with his new-found teetotalism. In the novel Who P-P-P-Plugged Roger Rabbit?, Valiant has once again vowed to no longer take any Toon cases, but is forced to do so when Baby Herman is found dead.