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Ed Hannigan (born August 6,[1] 1951)[2] is an American comics artist, writer, and editor for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.[3]

Ed Hannigan
Born (1951-08-06) August 6, 1951 (age 68)
Area(s)Writer, Penciller, Editor
Notable works
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight
The Defenders
Green Arrow
The Spectacular Spider-Man


Ed Hannigan's first credited comics story was published in Marvel Comics' licensed Planet of the Apes #5 (Feb. 1975).[4] His writing credits include work on The Defenders from issue #67 (Jan. 1979) to #91 (Jan. 1981).[5] Hannigan started as the series' artist but, while working on the story arc in issues #66 to #68, "I got in a pinch ... and asked [Hannigan] to help me," writer David Anthony Kraft recalled. "He felt self-conscious ... but I told him he'd be fine. He eventually got into it."[5] Hannigan found it too difficult to both write and draw the series, so by the end of the story arc he was working solely as writer.[5] As the artist on The Spectacular Spider-Man, Hannigan and writer Bill Mantlo co-created the characters Cloak and Dagger,[6] who appear in a live-action television series on Freeform.[7]

At DC Comics, Hannigan redesigned the Brainiac character into a chromed, more robotic form.[8][9] He pencilled the covers on Batman in a lengthy run that spanned the majority of 1983–1985 with Don Newton providing the interior art.[4] Hannigan and writer Mike Grell launched the first Green Arrow ongoing series in February 1988.[10] The Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight series began in November 1989 with the five-part "Shaman" storyline by Hannigan and writer Dennis O'Neil.[11] He both wrote and illustrated the three-issue prestige format series Skull & Bones for DC in 1992.

Personal lifeEdit

Hannigan and his wife Heidi are the parents of Jean Anne, born in 1989.[12]

In January 2010, Marvel Comics and The Hero Initiative published Ed Hannigan: Covered a fundraising effort to assist with Hannigan's medical expenses due to multiple sclerosis.[2]


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